Big Sorrow News : Lionel Messi is not staying in FC Barcelona

Lionel Messi is not renewing his contract with Barcelona. The Catalan club has announced in an official statement that Messi is no more.

Suddenly the situation changed 180 degrees! Messi is cutting his salary by half to renew his five-year contract with Barcelona – a news report a few days ago was confirmed by almost all the media in Europe.

But due to the complexity of Barcelona’s financial situation, the formality of the agreement was not ending. That financial complication finally brought Messi and Barcelona’s relationship to an end.

Messi, of course, has not been a Barcelona player on paper since 1 July! His previous contract with Barcelona expired on 30 June.

But the relationship between Messi and FC Barcelona is such that there was no doubt about the renewal of Messi’s contract.

Meanwhile, in mid-July, news came that Messi’s salary had been halved and his contract renewed for five years. But there were complications along the way, which were not resolved in the end.

Barcelona’s salary bill was not already within the salary limits imposed by the Spanish league, in which case FC Barcelona had to make the impossible possible to renew Messi’s contract.

It has been heard for so long that FC Barcelona are continuing to strive for that goal. But after many attempts, the result did not come.

“Despite the agreement between Barcelona and Leo Messi and the clear agreement between the two sides to sign the agreement today, it is not possible to formalize the agreement due to financial and structural constraints,” Barcelona said in a statement.

But a whole different buzz was heard from this morning. Messi returned to Barcelona two days ago after a holiday after Argentina won the Copa America.

The agreement could be signed on Thursday, and the official announcement could be made today – that’s what was heard.

The details of the deal were to be finalized at a meeting of FC Barcelona officials with Messi’s father and agent Jorge Messi at noon Spanish time. The end of the complexity of the agreement was supposed to happen at that time.

But in the end, not the complication, the end of Messi and Barcelona’s 20-year relationship.

lionel Messi
lionel Messi | Collected pic

Lionel Messi has suffered a lot

Lionel Messi wanted the relationship to last. Barcelona also wanted.

But under the previous board, Barcelona’s financial situation is so miserable that it is not possible to renew Messi’s contract. Barcha officially announced it yesterday.

The news shocked the world football and only the football fans were stunned. Barca supporters are frustrated, others are expressing regret.

Messi’s possible destination is also being discussed. But what is Messi doing in so many things? How are you Argentine forward? What are his feelings?

This is reported by the Barcelona based Spanish daily Sport. According to their report, Messi has suffered a lot in the news.

The 34-year-old Argentine forward will not say anything in public right now. Barcelona president Juan Laporta, however, called a press conference at 11 a.m. local time today (6 august 2021), where Laporta is expected to speak.

Barারa’s previous contract with Messi expired on June 30, and Messi has not been a Bar বারa player since. But the agreement is being renewed, there has been no doubt about it so far.

Sporto writes that Messi did not think that talks with Bar বারa about renewing his contract would end such a sudden pain.

It was reported last month that Barca and Messi have reached an agreement to renew their contracts. Messi will renew his contract for five years.

It was rumored that the Bar্সa captain would cut his salary by half to help financially crippled Bar্সa under a previous board under Josep Maria Bartomeu.

But Barca have yet to formally announce the deal, citing complications with the league’s payroll.

Farewell to Lionel Messi : The cries of the supporters

Many supporters did not want to accept the announcement of Lionel Messi’s departure from Barcelona. Gathered outside Barcelona’s Camp Nou. Just like it happened last year.

Messi wanted to leave the club, but Barcelona did not want to accept. This time Barcelona has informed itself, no more.

The cries of the supporters standing outside Camp Nou are so much more frightening!

Big Sorrow News : Lionel Messi is not staying in FC Barcelona 3

What is Neymar thinking

Like a storm swept over the football world. It has been confirmed that Lionel Messi will no longer be in Barcelona. Barca has stated in an official statement that Messi is not staying.

Since then, speculation has started about Messi’s possible next club. Where will Messi go now? Which club can afford to take Messi? How many questions, how much curiosity!

Whichever team Messi goes to, he will go for free transfer. In other words, the club does not have to spend any money on Messi’s transfer fee.

Just pay attention to Messi’s salary. Which club would want to take Messi with extra salary at this time?

The name of PSG is coming up most in the discussion. Apart from that, many are speculating that Messi could be attracted to PSG as he has ‘friends’ like Neymar, Di Maria and Pardes.

In the meantime, Neymar seemed to breathe a sigh of relief.

One of Neymar’s ‘likes’ has sparked speculation. After the official announcement of Barcha, the Brazilian did not write anything about Messi on social media.

Didn’t post anything. However, he has explained a lot with that ‘like’.

An Instagram account called TNT Sports posted a picture shortly after Messi officially announced his departure from Barcha.

In the picture painted by the artist, Messi and Neymar are both wearing PSG jerseys. Messi is wearing the number 10 jersey, hugging Neymar.

Needless to say, Messi has worked at TNT Sports out of the hope that he will sign up for PSG. Neymar liked that movie again.

As a result, those who understand have understood that Messi wants his best friend Neymar in PSG!