Kuakata Tourist Spots & Hotel Rent 2020

Kuakata is famous for sunrise-sunset. There is no one to enjoy the natural beauty of Kuakata rivals. The incomparable natural beauty. Long-Sea beach is really wonderful gift of nature.

Kuakata is one of the world’s attractive sea beaches. This enchanting Kuakata sea beach sunset and sunrise, when the rare, colorful scenes can be seen easily.

Kuakata Tourist Spots & Hotel Rent

Tourist Spots

Fatrar forest: beach on the west side of the mangroves have been started, called Fatrar forest. Fatrar protected wilderness forest already has been known as the Sundarbans. Here care way, gewya, Sundori, Fatra, goran, Bain, golpata etc. Mangrove plants and monkeys numerous animals and birds. A one-hour boat journey to becoming an engine from the beach.

Keranipara: the Shima of the indigenous Rakhine Buddhist temple in rural keranipara the beginning. The main work in Rakhine female works.

Kuyatara ‘Kuya’: kuayakata beach at the beginning of a Buddhist Rakhine village keranipara mandiyera in the ancient wells of well.

Shima Buddhist temple: Kuakata old well in front of the ancient temple, a Buddhist temple in the name of the border. This is the seventh head temple of the ancient meditative Buddha statue, weighing eight metal.

Keranipara: the Shima of the indigenous Rakhine Buddhist temple in rural keranipara the beginning. The main work in Rakhine female works.

Alipur Port: Kuakata is about four kilometers north of the largest fish in the southern business center of Alipur. Hundreds of fishing trawlers in the Bay of Bengal from the fishing port.

Misripara Buddhist Temple: Kuakata beach about 8 kilometers from the home of the arketi misripara indigenous Rakhine Buddhist temples are another. This is the subcontinent’s biggest Buddha statues in the temple. There is some distance away from the village in the region of amakhola settle down.

Gangamatir jungle: Kuakata beach at the east end of the canal of Gangamati. Apart from the forests that meet a variety of forest plants also cock, monkeys and various birds.

Kuakata bus

How to go Kuakata

In addition to the capital can go directly to the luxurious seat in Kuakata transportation. Gabtoli or sayedabad bus terminal at the ticket a the morning and evening-night bus journey in 8 hours, can be achieved at any time.

Departure from Dhaka to launch specific time every day from 5 pm to 7 pm. Will be reached 14 hours. Patuakhali district town on the rickshaw, auto-rickshaw to the bus by the bus 2 hours arrive Kuakata. In addition, can go to the passenger with minibus, microbus, motorcycle.

Can go to the double-decker in launch. Bus start from Dhaka to Barisal at 9pm. If tourists from home and abroad if foreign guests wish to cover within 40 minutes by helicopter to the helipad Kuakata.

Kuakata walking you make your booking at the Hotel-Motel-Guest House can be. Holiday Homes is the official travel, the official VIP Banglow, private hotel-motel, guest house and rest. The hotel has adequate food in Kuakata. Low price, you can eat with family and desired satisfaction.

Kuakata hotel

Hotel Rent

Sagorkonna resort | Booking: 04428-56020, 01720-209029, 01711-181798
Economy deluxe (doubble bed) – 1000 tk
Premium double (2 single) – 1200 tk.
Deluxe double (non ac)- 1800 tk.
Deluxe double (ac) – 2000 tk.
Vip suite (ac) – 2800 tk.

Biswas sea place | Booking: 0185-6699911
Three bed (ac) -  2500 tk.
Three bed (non ac) – 2000 tk.
Family room (non ac) – 1800 tk.
Twin bed 1800 tk. BD – 1800 tk.

Hotel Kuakata International | Booking: 04428-56031, 01750-008177
Double deluxe (non ac)- 1500 tk.
Double deluxe (ac) – 2800 tk.
Family suite (non ac) – 2000 tk.
Family suite (ac) – 3300 tk.

Holiday homes | Booking: 04428-56004, 01750-011483
Economy room (2 single) – 625 tk
Deluxe twin (2 single) – 950 tk.
Ac Room (1 double 1 single) – 1560 tk.
Ac Room (2 double) – 1875 tk.

Ananda bari | Booking: 01716-916173
Deluxe non ac – 1300 tk.
Deluxe ac – 2500 tk.

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