Khulna To Kolkata Bus Schedule & Ticket Price 2020

Hi Friends! Today I tell you Khulna To Kolkata Bus Schedule & Ticket Price 2019.  After nearly 9 months of the shutdown, Khulna To Kolkata Bus service started on this route.

Today (3 July 2019) this bus service was inaugurated in front of the Khulna Chamber of Commerce Building. Khulna Chamber President Kazi Aminul Haque inaugurated this bus service as the chief guest.

Khulna Press Club President SM Habib, State Bank of India Khulna branch manager Milon Mitra was present as a special guest.

At the time of the Green Line Transport Officer Moinul Islam Jamaddar and the directors of the chamber were present.

This will reduce the suffering of passengers. People can easily come and go for different needs.


This bus service will be supported by Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) and West Bengal Transport Corporation (WBTC).

Earlier, Buses of Shyamoli Paribahan on Khulna-Kolkata route. It was closed almost 9 months ago.

Prior to that, the Dhaka-Khulna-Kolkata bus service was open but the passengers were dissatisfied due to the firing time.

The reason for which the passengers lost interest was to stop the service. But now the service has been started considering the convenience of Khulna area passengers only.

Khulna To Kolkata Bus Schedule & Ticket Price 2019Khulna To Kolkata Bus Schedule & Ticket Price

This bus will be left for Kolkata on Saturday, Tuesday, and Thursday. This bus will be left from Khulna Satarasta Mor at 8:30 am. Everyone 1000 Taka of rent.

The bus will leave Kolkata for Khulna on every Sunday, Monday and Friday at 6 am. Everyone 800 Rupees of rent. Here you get all the information by the table.

Khulna To Kolkata Bus Schedule

Sat, Tues & Thursday

Start at 08:30 am

Rent 1000 Taka

Kolkata To Khulna  Bus Schedule

Sun, Mon & Friday

Start at 06:00 am

Rent 800 Rupee

The bus continued on Khulna-Kolkata route

Earlier on 1 August 2017, the bus ride of Sadoharpe Shyamoli Paribahan started. In these patients, tourists and businessmen could reach Calcutta safely and easily.

In the first stage, a bus was introduced. Later, the number of buses was about to increase. After one day, the bus would leave for Khulna counter to Kolkata at 8 am.

The passengers were given breakfast and water on the bus. Dhaka-Khulna-Kolkata bus service is open. But its 90-95 percent passenger Khulna.

Dhaka To Khulna Train Schedule & Ticket Price

On 22 May 2017, the bus journey started from Kamalapur BRTC International Bus Terminal on Dhaka-Khulna-Kolkata route with the Buses of Green Line Transport.

On that day, a Bus from Kolkata to Shyamoli Paribahan went to Dhaka via Khulna. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated bus and train services on Khulna-Kolkata route through video conferencing from New Delhi on 8 April 2017.

Khulna To Kolkata Bus Schedule & Ticket PriceDhaka To Kolkata Bus Schedule & Ticket Price

Many passengers traveled from Dhaka to Kolkata on a daily basis. Someone goes for treatment, someone is going to visit.

Many people travel on this route due to low cost and tickets available. Now we will discuss all bus schedules and rentals in this route.

Dhaka to Kolkata came directly to some buses. These are- Shyamoli Poribohon, Green Line, Sohag Poribohon, Royal Coach & Desh Travels. Some buses have just come to Dhaka-Benapole border.

Here we tell you this information by the table.

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Details Of Khulna To Kolkata Buses

Here we tell you details of Dhaka to Kolkata Bus. Every bus in this route are Non Ac, AC & Luxurious

Royal Coach (Non AC)

Bus type: 1, Hino, Non AC
Dhaka leave: 9:30 pm
Kolkata Arrive: 10 am
Drop Off: Arambagh Bus Stand, Dhaka
Rent: 900 Taka per seat

Royal Coach (AC)

Bus type: 1, Hino, AC
Dhaka leave: 9:30 pm
Kolkata arrive: 10 am
Drop Off: Arambagh Bus Stand, Dhaka
Rent: 1400 & 1600 Taka per seat

Saudia Poribohon AC

Bus type: Mercedes Benz, AC
Dhaka leave: 10:15 pm
Kolkata Arrive: 10 am
Drop Off: Arambagh (AB) Counter
Rent: 1650 taka per seat

Shyamoli Paribahan (AC)

Bus type: RM2, Volvo AC
Dhaka leave: 11 am

Kolkata Arrive: 11 pm
Rent: 1400 taka

Shohag Paribahan (AC)

Bus type: Scania, AC elite class
Dhaka leave: 6:30 am
Kolkata Arrive: 3 pm
Drop Off: Malibag, Kalyanpur, and Gabtali
Rent: 1820 Taka per seat

Shohag Paribahan (Non AC)

Bus type: Hino, 1J Plus
Dhaka leave: 6:30 am
Kolkata Arrive: 4 pm
Drop Off: Johnson Road, Arambagh
Rent: 826 Taka per seat

Details Of Kolkata To Dhaka Buses

Shyamoli Yatri Paribahan

Bus type: Volvo AC
Leave: 7 am
Last bus release: 11 am

Calcutta Office: (Shyamoli Bus)

61/1, Marquis Street
Beside of New Market
Cont: 3339579672

Dhaka To Kolkata Train Schedule & Ticket Price

Dhaka To Cox’s Bazar Bus schedule and ticket 2019


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