Joydebpur Station Train Schedule with Contact number 2020

Now I will tell you Joydebpur Station Train Schedule with a contact number. Joydebpur Station is a very important railway station for the Bangladesh railway.

Every day more people travel on this route. For this, more train runs this station every day.

Joydebpur Station Train Schedule with Contact number 2020

Joydebpur Station Train Schedule: Intercity Trains

Joydebpur Station all Intercity trains list you will get here. Not only that all trains the latest time table we update for you.

Ekota Express 11:10 amB.M.S.E09:00 pmNo
Ekota Express07:00 amDhaka08:10 amNo
Tista Express08:29 amDewanganj12:40 pmMon
Sundarban Express06:02 amDhaka07:00 amTue
Sundarban Express09:17 amKhulna05:40 pmWed
Brahammoputra Express07:13 pmDewanganj11:50 pmNo
Jamuna Express05:50 pmTarakandi10:55 pmNo
Jamuna Express06:22 amDhaka07:45 amNo
Lalmoni Express10:45 pmLalmonirhat07:20 amFri
Lalmoni Express06:52 pmDhaka07:55 pmFri
SilkCity Express 03:53 pmRajshahi08:35 pmSun
SilkCity Express 12:30 pmDhaka01:30 pmSun
Drutojan Express09:05 pmB.M.S.E06:10 amNo
Drutojan Express06:00 pmDhaka06:55 pmNo
Padma Express 00:05 amRajshahi04:30 amTue
Padma Express 08:40 pmDhaka09:40 pmTue
Chitra Express05:01 pmDhaka05:55 pmMon
Chitra Express07:58 pmKhulna03:40 amMon
Nilsagar Express07:35 amChilahati04:00 pmMon
Nilsagar Express04:30 amDhaka05:30 amSun
Dhumketu Express 07:00 amRajshahi11:40 amSat
Dhumketu Express 03:43 amDhaka04:45 amFri
Sirajgonj Express09:19 amDhaka03:20 pmSat
Sirajgonj Express06:02 pmSirajgonj09:30 pmSat
Haor Express11:15 pmMohangonj04:40 amWed
Haor Express12:43 pmDhaka01:50 pmThu
Jamalpur Express 11:35 amJamalpur04:04 pmNo
Jamalpur Express 10:24 pmDhaka11:30 pmNo

Mail/Express Trains

Rajshahi Express01:17 pmChapainababganj07:30 pmNo
Mohua Commuter09:39 amMohanganj02:50 pmNo
Mohua Commuter08:05 pmDhaka09:10 pmNo
Dewanganj Express06:46 amDewanganj11:40 amNo
Dewanganj Express06:12 pmDhaka07:25 pmNo
Balaka Express05:47 amJharia Jhanjail10:15 amNo
Balaka Express04:19 pmDhaka05:40 pmNo
Jamalpur Commuter04:47 pmDewanganj10:15 pmNo
Jamalpur Commuter10:16 amDhaka11:15 amNo
Vawal Express09:22 pmDewanganj04:20 amNo
Vawal Express09:39 amDhaka12:05 pmNo
Dhaka Commuter10:06 amDhaka11:00 amNo
Tangail Commuter-106:52 pmBB East08:30 pmFri
Tangail Commuter-208:28 amDhaka09:40 amFri
Turag Express07:15 amDhaka08:30 amFri
Turag Express07:25 pmDhaka08:55 pmFri
Kaliakoire Express-102:58 pmHi-tech City03:30 pmNo
Kaliakoire Express-205:29 pmDhaka06:40 pmNo

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