Illegal mobile phones are not being turned off

It was said that, illegal mobile phones will be shut down in Bangladesh from 1 July 2021. But it is not happening anymore.

Customer handsets currently used in mobile networks will be automatically registered in the BTRC system on June 30.

As a result, these sets are not being closed from July 1. Everyone is requested not to be confused in this regard.

The Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC) said on Thursday (18 June 2021).

It is learned that BTRC was supposed to start identifying illegal mobile phones from 1 July.

But some media reports were saying that illegal mobile phones would be shut down from that day. In this context, the organization said this information.

BTRC Commissioner AKM Shahiduzzaman told that there is a demand for about 150 million handsets in Bangladesh at present.

40 percent of which have entered the market illegally or have been imported. We are trying to bring in these disciplines.

He said it was being done mainly to maintain law and order. And the opportunity will be given to legalize.

The message will go to everyone. No one’s mobile will be switched off. There will be no interruption in the communication system.

In case of handsets purchased from abroad, registration can be done by submitting valid documents to BTRC.

Illegal mobile phones
Illegal mobile phones are not being turned off 3

Illegal mobile phones | What is BTRC saying?

According to BTRC sources, these mobile sets that have entered the Bangladesh market illegally at different stages will be identified.

The Bangladesh Telecommunication Authority is using the National Equipment Identity Register (NEIR) system for this.

BTRC will use this type of technology for the first time in the country. However, the company said not to panic mobile customers.

It is learned that whenever a SIM card is inserted into a handset, it will send a signal to the BTRC database where the IMEI number of the authorized handsets will be stored.

The SIM card will be activated only if the handset matches the IMEI database.

In this regard, AKM Shahiduzzaman further said that if no handset is found in the BTRC database after the active SIM card is entered in the mobile.

Then BTRC will keep the IMEI of that handset on the white list for seven days and give the user time to register using legal documents.

If a user wants to sell his handset, he has to register the handset through a specific website and re-register in the database under the new username.

Note that there is a demand for about three crore mobile handsets in Bangladesh every year. Most of it comes in the form of smuggling.

As a result, the government loses about three thousand crore rupees in revenue every year.