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Saint Martin’s Island is one of the most scenic places in Bangladesh. Where the blue of the sky and the blue of the sea blend together.

St. Martin’s is a unique resource for those thirsting for knowledge and travel with a combination of sand, rocks, coral, or biodiversity.

Saint Martin’s Island is the only coral island in Bangladesh. It is located in the southernmost part of the mainland and 120 km from the district town of Cox’s Bazar.

This small island of 16 square kilometers is also called Coconut Ginger in the local language.

The good news is that the people of Saint Martin’s Island are very simple. Their warm hospitality is the main attraction of tourists. There is accommodation for tourists at low cost.

However, those who return from Saint Martin’s Island day after day may regret it later. It is best to stay in St. Martin for at least one day. This delightful trip will always fascinate you as you can see the whole island.

Coconut, onion, pepper, tomato rice are the main agricultural products of the island.

And almost all the residents are fishing. However, due to the recent development of the tourism industry, many people are making a living through restaurants, residential hotels or grocery shops.

Dhaka to Saint Martin RoadMap

How to go Saint Martin’s Island?

Let’s find out now from how to get to Saint Martin’s Island.

  • To get to St. Martin from anywhere in Bangladesh, you have to go to Cox’s Bazar first.
  • You can go directly to Cox’s Bazar by bus or plane from Dhaka. And if you want to go by train, you have to go to Chittagong. From there you can reach Cox’s Bazar by bus. Happily, the direct train service from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar is starting soon.
  • Then Teknaf first took a jeep from Cox’s Bazar.
  • From Teknaf you can reach St. Martin by sea-truck, ship or trawler. However, due to security risks, we will ban your trawler travel.

Every day several long distance vehicles leave for Cox’s Bazar or Teknaf directly from Dhaka. From Dhaka many buses like Green Line, Sohag, TR Travels, Shyamoli, Hanif, Saudia, Eagle, S Alam, Silk Line, St. Martin etc. leave for Cox’s Bazar every day.

The fare of these buses can be between 900 to 2500 Taka.

There is also an arrangement for you if you want to go directly to Teknaf from Dhaka.

Buses from Dhaka’s Fakirapul and Sayedabad to Shyamli, Saint Martin Paribahan, Eagle, S Alam, Modern Line, Green Line etc. go directly to Teknaf.

By doing this, your time will be around 10-12 hours. The rent will usually be between 900 to 2000 Taka.

If you go to Cox’s Bazar then the bus fare to Teknaf will be 140 Taka. Or you can go to Teknaf by reserve microbus. These vehicles ply on the Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf route every morning.

There are several C-trucks from Teknaf to St. Martin every morning from Kutubdia, Kerry Sindabad, Eagle, Sundarbans. In addition to these excellent ships, trawlers also operate on this sea route.

Depending on the class of the ship, the up-down fare is around 550-800 Taka. Ships depart for St. Martin every day at 9.00-9.30 am and return from St. Martin at 3.00-3.30 pm.

So if you do not arrive at the jetty early, the ship is likely to be missed. And in such cases there is no way but to return to the trawler which is dangerous.

Those who spend the night in St. Martin get a chance to return to the same ship the next day. However, it has to be said before booking.

One thing to keep in mind is that the sea is calm in winter. So choose this time to travel. The sea is rough during the summer-monsoon season. Traffic is very risky this season.

How to go Saint Martin's island
Saint Martin’s Island

Saint Martin’s Island | What to eat?

If you visit Saint Martin’s Island once in a lifetime! And want to eat one thing there! Then of course it will be green coconut. The most famous thing in St. Martin is the dab which is both sweet and delicious.

And for those who like to eat fish, St. Martin’s Coral, Sundari Poya, Hilsa, Rupchanda, Lobster, Kalachanda etc. are waiting for different types and flavors of food.

And if there is an opportunity, you can eat local chicken. There the native chicken is called kura. There are also endless loitta, knives, rupachanda, kacakisaha many dried fish stocks.

Local watermelons are available when you visit St. Martin in January or February.

Saint Martin’s Island | where to stay?

Saint Martin’s Island has a number of high quality hotels and cottages for overnight stays. Many homes also have accommodation facilities for tourists. And Humayun Ahmed’s ‘Somudro Bilash’ is also waiting for you here.

Popular hotels and cottages include Samudra Bilas, Simaan Periye, Prince Haven, Blue Marine Resort, Dream Night Resort, Palace Paradise, Coral View, Coral Blue, Mermaid, Sea Coral, Blue Horizon, Sayari, Sea Inn, Hotel Sagar Par , Riyadh Guest House, Hotel Swapna Prabal, Shravan Bilas, Blue Lagoon, Sunset View, Marine Park under government management etc.

If you want to stay in these hotels or cottages, you have to pay 500 to 3000 taka per night. However, during the tourist season, almost every house here has the advantage of staying in a residential area by talking directly.

However, the rent for these rooms varies. Usually, a good room can be taken for 200-250 taka. Let’s take a look at some hotel rents.

saint martin
Hotel NameRoom RentContact Number
Blue Marine Resort1000 taka – 15000 taka01817 – 060065
Coral View Resort2500 taka – 6000 taka01980 – 004777, 01980 – 004778
Prashad Paradise2000 taka – 5000 taka01995 – 539248, 01883 – 626003
Nil Digonte1500 taka – 5000 taka01730 – 051004
Prince Haven1500 taka – 3500 taka01995 – 539246, 01883 – 626002
Labiba Luxury Resort3500 taka – 12000 taka01700 – 969212, 01834 – 267922
Dream Night Resort1500 taka – 3500 taka01825 – 656326, 01730 – 235002
Sayari Eco Resort1500 taka – 3000 taka01610 – 555500
Simana Pereye600 taka – 800 taka (per person)
Somudro Bilash500 taka – 1000 taka (per person)

Saint Martin’s Island | Some warnings

  • Find out the tidal time before going to sea.
  • It is safe not to lower one knee under water.
  • Small children are not allowed to enter the water in the absence of adults.
  • If you don’t know how to swim, don’t go into the water.
  • Never go into the water alone.
  • Wear life jackets while navigating.

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