How to Arrange a Budget Friendly Winter Trip?

You want to arrange a winter trip. Winter has arrived with the same festive mood as before. People across the country are able to enjoy the full climate of this winter for the first time after the outbreak of the Corona epidemic subsided. Along with concerts, fairs etc., another thing that is gaining popularity now is travel.

Most people save their vacations throughout the year to plan a grand tour in the winter. As the restrictions on foreign travel are lifted this year, people are also very excited. But big trips require long-term planning.

So winter travel planning including visa, flight, hotel etc. should be started from October. If everything is pre-planned for popular travel months rather than waiting until the last minute, the trip will also go well.

The popularity of foreign travel is now more than ever, with seamless travel anywhere in the country and abroad becoming possible after a long time. If you want to travel on a budget, the popular nearby destinations are India, Nepal or Thailand. If the cost calculation is a little more, the plan can be to visit Maldives, Turkey etc.

In India or Nepal, many people choose to leave by road. But the process is fraught with extreme pressure. Again it takes some time. So flights are usually not an option when it comes to traveling abroad. Flights are also quite expensive. Many people don’t have that much budget to travel.

How to arrange a winter trip?

Flight prices are also highly variable during the travel season. So it is better to book in advance. In this case too, many are forced to postpone their travel plans due to lack of money. Technological new solution to solve this problem- 0% EMI. By availing the EMI facility on the move, repayments can be made at a convenient time.

Due to the convenience of paying in installments, the one-time financial stress is completely reduced. A credit card is required to avail EMI. But no problem if you don’t have a credit card, travel loans are also quite popular now.

Traveling has a slightly different role in many people’s lives. Instead of popular travel destinations, some people have to settle for countries like UK, USA, Australia etc. Globalization has led to the need to travel for work or pleasure entering every sector of life.

Nowadays, it is necessary to go to distant countries for work, business, study or to meet relatives. The journey time of these flights is around 15-22 hours. Sometimes it is necessary to stop in different countries. Here again baggage is transferred from one flight to another flight. In these long-haul flights, people give more priority to safety.

Keeping safety and convenience in mind, GoZayan has introduced luggage protection for the first time in Bangladesh. Goayan has been able to bring this service to the country through the cooperation of the foreign organization ‘Blue Ribbon Bags’. Passengers can now get compensation up to Tk 30,000 with live tracking facility for any lost luggage. Apart from this, there is the facility of taking covid test and travel insurance along with flight booking.

How to arrange a trip?

After the flight is fixed, it is time to fix the hotel. Many people face a lot of trouble to book foreign hotels from Bangladesh. First of all, the tourism industry in Bangladesh is largely offline, so there are very few options when it comes to booking hotels. Booking through an offline agency gives a very poor idea of the hotel’s image, facilities, etc.

While browsing various foreign websites online, one has to stop while going to make payment. Because even though these websites have a large number of hotel pictures and all kinds of facilities list, the payment has to be made through a foreign credit card or a credit card with dollar endorsement.

But the number of credit card users in our country is very insignificant. Again, in case of payment on reaching the destination, the currency has to be changed 2 times. As a result, there is sure to be quite a bit of loss here. Start planning now to make sure this winter trip goes well. There are no more barriers to trave