How did Magical Lionel Messi play in his PSG debut?

Magical Lionel Messi took to the field for the first time in a PSG jersey at the race. Messi, who joined PSG at the end of the Barcelona season, was seen in a jersey other than Barcelona for the first time in his club career. It is a pity for Barcha, but a joy for PSG. What’s not to like about football fans in France, regardless of the club?

The match was not played by PSG at home, no one would have thought that if they did not know the name of the stadium. At least as long as Magical Lionel Messi was on the field! Messi’s applause at every moment, say Messi’s every touch. Seeing that, one might think that PSG is playing in their own field after understanding the match!

Kylian Mbappe‘s two goals in the second half helped PSG win the match 2-0. Messi replaced Neymar in the 6th minute. How did the 34-year-old Argentine play? Messi could not do anything special with white eyes. He could not score a goal, nor did he help the goal. Before he came on the field, PSG had scored two goals.

More specifically, PSG coach Mauricio Pachettino dropped Messi after Mbappe scored his own and PSG’s second goal in the 63rd minute. Messi was on the field for 30 minutes with 30 minutes of added time and 6 minutes of added time, but he could not make any attack.

Once or twice he tried to get into the race box by coordinating with Mbappe, but once he fell to the ground due to the hand injury of the race defender in the face. Messi had no way forward as he was surrounded by three or four defenders. He said that Messi may have been able to control the ball most of the time!

However, even though he could not do anything ‘Messi-cheap’ in the goal, his every touch explained why he is different from others.

Lionel Messi Play In His PSG Debut
How did Magical Lionel Messi play in his PSG debut? 3

How Did Magical Lionel Messi Play In His PSG Debut?

On the first day he probably wanted to keep everything simple. Messi played mainly in the middle of the circle. Sometimes Veratti, sometimes Ander Erera, sometimes Idrisa played one-two with Gana Gay. His focus was on maintaining control of the midfield in all well-controlled passes.

He also tried to coordinate with Mbappe two or three times. But it is understood that it will take some more time for Mbopp to coordinate with Messi, who is not fit enough to play the full 90 minutes. I mean, what if Mbappe doesn’t go to Real Madrid, leaving the buzz aside!

According to Twitter’s football statistics account, Messi made a total of 21 passes in 30 minutes, 20 of which were found by his teammates. The Argentine forward has touched the ball 26 times. He was fouled 3 times in 30 minutes.

Once in the middle of the race, the defender of the race snatched the ball from the legs of Abdelhamid, in fact, he ran from behind and said, “You stole it!” From there, Messi also gave a pass to Mbappe, who was running to the right, after a short crooked run of a few steps.

But Mbappe’s return passed to Messi in the pass box before Rance defended the defender. After Argentina won the Copa America in July, Messi was out of practice for a long time due to holidays and problems with the contract renewal in Barcelona.

He was due to renew his contract with Barcelona and start training for the Catalan club in early August. But in one day, the situation changed 180 degrees. At the end of the day when Messi’s contract was supposed to be signed in Barcelona, Barca informed that it is not possible to renew the contract with Messi, Messi is no longer in Barcha.

Messi joined the PSG on 5 August, three days after Barcha’s announcement. After that, after the practice, he came on the field for the first time yesterday. PSG coach Pachettino said at the end of the match, “It was important for us to win the day Messi started. He brings a stability to the team. His glimpse, his activities spread to the rest of the team.

What is the excitement of the race supporters that Messi will come on the field! In the previous match of the race, which did not have 9,000 spectators, the stadium with a capacity of 20,000 is full because of Messi yesterday! Messi, who was on the bench at the beginning, left the bench in the 58th minute to warm up, what a joy for the race supporters!

Forgetting that Messi is PSG and PSG is their opponent, he grabbed the chorus of ‘Messi’, ‘Messi’! Messi responded with love by waving to supporters of both teams. As soon as Messi was replaced by Neymar in the 66 minute, there was a skyrocketing joy in the stadium. Messi is said to be playing football in France for the first time!

Saying that every touch of Messi, the PSG supporters, the race supporters also showed excitement. Forget the race-PSG, they are Messi’s supporters then. Just what supporters? Rance players also lined up to take pictures with Messi after the match. Goalkeeper Pedrag Rykovic also brought the baby boy, Messi took the baby in his lap and took pictures.

“He’s great,” Rance defender Andrew Gravion told Reuters. Until last year I only saw him play in the Champions League, now we get him in our league. I am very proud to take possession of the ball with him. ‘ He said, ‘I wanted her jersey for my little brother. But he could not give it to me. Let’s see, maybe next time. ‘

Gravion’s luck is bad. The demand for Messi’s debut jersey in the PSG jersey is supposed to be much higher. Who knows, Messi himself may be keeping the jersey to himself as a memento without giving it to anyone!