Hollywood stars beside devastated India in Covid19

Hollywood stars beside devastated India in Corona. India is going through a terrible time as a tragic victim of the second wave of corona. Every day new records of infections and deaths are being created in the country. Where the number of victims is more than 4 lakh and the death toll is more than 3 thousand.

Many world leaders are standing by India’s side at this bad time Many countries have extended their hand of love through various cooperation. At that time, a bunch of Hollywood stars also joined the fight to end India’s misery.

Many stars have come forward including Katy Perry, Richard Madden, Shawn Mendes, Kunal Nair, Lilly Singh, Lana Condor, Ellen Designers, Mindy Kalling, Jada Pinkett Smith. They called on all to stand by India, including sending relief supplies.

Hollywood Stars Beside Devastated India In Corona

Popular singer Shawn Mendes Tarek said in a video message, ‘Those of you who are with India, with their culture, please stand by India. Make arrangements to send them the necessary equipment according to your ability.’

Ellen Designers Tareq wrote in an Instagram post, ‘India needs our help. My friend and I are trying to raise মিল 1 million. If you all lend a helping hand, then we will be supported to reach our destination.

Richard Madden said, ‘I am very relieved to be on India’s side. Thanks to Priyanka Chopra for giving us this opportunity.’ In addition, many more stars have urged everyone to stand by India.

Katy Perry wrote in one of her tweets, ‘The situation in India is deplorable. The hospital is also not able to accommodate new patients. Please stand by India to the best of your ability. Help India in any way you can with oxygen cylinders. We all have to work together.’