Windows 11 Will Be Available For Free updates

Finally Microsoft said, Free updates will be available for Windows 11. The company said this after a virtual event on Thursday (25 June 2021).

Updates will be available only if the new versions of Windows 10 have the same conditions as the ones on the PC.

To find out if your PC will be updated, go to and download the PC Health Check app.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela says the next generation of Windows updates will be “one of the most important” parts of the last decade.

According to tech website Tech Radar, Microsoft will continue to take updates after the 2025 deadline, so users can switch to the new operating system.

Windows 10 users have been having a very uncomfortable time for a long time. According to Forbes, millions of people are turning away from the operating system due to multiple problems.

Windows 10 May 2020 Update has seen more problems. Many important features have been lost in this update. One of them was ‘Fresh Start’.

This feature allows users to re-install Windows 10 without losing data. This tool plays a very important role if there is a serious problem with the PC.

Users have complained to Microsoft about these issues in the last few months.

Windows 11 New Features

The look of Windows that has been around since the beginning is changing.

This time the emphasis is on a little round design. But the biggest change is the start button.

So many days this button was in the task bar or in the side corner. Now it’s in the middle of the task bar.

This version is paying more attention to security. Old games are getting a whole new look in Windows 11.

Some apps on the Android platform will also be available on Windows.

Microsoft Teams is now housed in this operating system. No need to download separately.

What does the computer need for Windows 11?

  • Processor: At least 1 GHz speed. With 2-core or more 64-bit processors
  • RAM: At least 4 GB
  • Storage: At least 64 GB
  • Display: At least High Definition 720p
  • With internet connection required

What are the benefits of Windows 11?

  • Those who are interested in playing video games will enjoy this new version. Claim Windows.
  • This new operating system is also claimed to be much more secure than before. This means that it is expected to be safer for those who do banking from a computer or do online shopping, money transactions.
  • Android phone users can easily use the phone’s apps on the computer this time. The new operating system also predicts that in the future, Android and Windows will be able to compete with Apple together.
  • Brand new look. For those who are tired of looking at old desktops or laptops, the brand new operating system can give them pleasure.
  • Many things can be done easily together. Tablet mode will allow other screens to do multiple things at once.
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