Finally Covid19 Affected arifin shuvoo

Corona’s attack on Dhallywood again. This time the affected actor is Arifin Shuvoo. Yesterday he got the results of the Covid-19 test.

That’s when you know he’s infected with corona. He also shared the news of Corona’s attack on his verified Facebook page on Saturday morning.

In a video message, Arifin Shuvoo said, “I am officially saying that I am fine. I can’t smell the food. But everything else is fine. Not having a problem too much. I am resting in my house.’

He said, ‘Hopefully, I will recover quickly and return to work. The doctor said I would get well soon. ‘

Today, on Saturday, Shuvo shared a video of 1 minute 38 seconds on his verified Facebook. There he said, ‘Good afternoon. After nine long months of fighting, the final was over. My coroner’s report came last night. That’s positive. “

Arifin Shuvoo said, ‘Just as I can’t smell the food, I feel like I have mild breathing problems. At the moment I am following the doctor’s advice. I am taking medicine. ‘

Arifin Shuvo
Arifin Shuvoo

Finally Covid19 Affected Arifin Shuvoo

For a few days, Shuvoo was busy working on a photo on an OTT platform. Arifin Shubh suddenly took a break from shooting last Wednesday when he felt sick. Then test Covid-19.

As you can see from the results, he is not positive. Shubhar was stuck with multiple jobs due to being attacked by Corona. He said that he will think about these after recovering.

Incidentally, the movie ‘Mission Extreme’ starring Arifin Shuvo is currently awaiting release. And he is scheduled to go to Mumbai, India on January 25 to shoot the Bangabandhu biopic.

Arifin Shuvoo will play the role of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in this movie.