FIFA World Cup 2022 Fixtures, Group List With Result

Here is your FIFA World Cup 2022 Fixtures, Group With Result. Qatar’s World Cup schedule has been set long ago. The draw for the World Cup was held on April 1 and the schedule of the World Cup has been fixed on the same day.

However, the schedule was a bit incomplete. Since the three teams were not scheduled, the World Cup schedule was made based on their potential. When those three teams (Costa Rica, Australia and Wales) are also scheduled, so is the World Cup schedule.

If all goes well, the 22nd edition of the football grand yajna will be screened on November 21. Due to the World Cup being held in Qatar, the schedule has been changed to November-December instead of June-July. The title match-final will be held on 18 December at 9 pm Bangladesh time at the Lucille Stadium in Doha.

There will be four matches each day of the group stage, which is different than any other time. The opening match will start at 4 pm. Where Ecuador will face the host Qatar.

FIFA World Cup 2022
FIFA World Cup 2022 Fixtures, Group List With Result 3

Eight groups in the World Cup 2022

Group AQatar, Netherlands, Senegal and Ecuador
Group BEngland, United States, Iran and Wales
Group CArgentina, Mexico, Poland and Saudi Arabia
Group DFrance, Denmark, Tunisia and Australia
Group ESpain, Germany, Japan and Costa Rica
Group FBelgium, Croatia, Morocco and Canada
Group GBrazil, Switzerland, Serbia and Cameroon
Group HPortugal Uruguay, South Korea and Ghana.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Fixtures

DateGroupMatchTime (BD)
21 November 2022AQatar-Ecuador04:00 pm
21 November 2022ASenegal-Netherlands10:00 pm
21 November 2022BEngland-Iran07:00 pm
21 November 2022BUnited States-Wales01:00 am
22 November 2022CArgentina-Saudi Arabia01:00 am
22 November 2022CMexico-Poland10:00 pm
22 November 2022DFrance-Australia07:00 pm
22 November 2022DDenmark-Tunisia04:00 pm
23 November 2022ESpain-Costa Rica04:00 pm
23 November 2022EGermany-Japan10:00 pm
23 November 2022FBelgium-Canada07:00 pm
23 November 2022FMorocco-Croatia01:00 am
24 November 2022GBrazil-Serbia01:00 am
24 November 2022GSwitzerland-Cameroon10:00 pm
24 November 2022HPortugal-Ghana07:00 pm
24 November 2022HUruguay-South Korea04:00 pm
25 November 2022AQatar-Senegal07:00 pm
25 November 2022ANetherlands-Ecuador01:00 am
25 November 2022BEngland-United States04:00 pm
25 November 2022BWales-Iran10:00 pm
26 November 2022CArgentina-Mexico07:00 pm
26 November 2022CPoland-Saudi Arabia04:00 pm
26 November 2022DFrance-Denmark01:00 am
26 November 2022DTunisia-Australia10:00 pm
27 November 2022ESpain-Germany07:00 pm
27 November 2022EJapan-Costa Rica01:00 am
27 November 2022FBelgium-Morocco04:00 pm
27 November 2022FCroatia-Canada10:00 pm
28 November 2022GBrazil-Switzerland04:00 pm
28 November 2022GCameroon-Serbia10:00 pm
28 November 2022HPortugal-Uruguay01:00 am
28 November 2022HSouth Korea-Ghana07:00 pm
29 November 2022ANetherlands-Qatar04:00 pm
29 November 2022AEcuador-Senegal10:00 pm
29 November 2022BWales-England07:00 pm
29 November 2022BIran-US01:00 am
30 November 2022CPoland-Argentina01:00 am
30 November 2022CSaudi Arabia-Mexico07:00 pm
30 November 2022DTunisia-France04:00 pm
30 November 2022DAustralia-Denmark10:00 pm
01 December 2022EJapan-Spain04:00 pm
01 December 2022ECosta Rica-Germany10:00 pm
01 December 2022FCroatia-Belgium07:00 pm
01 December 2022FCanada-Morocco01:00 am
02 December 2022GCameroon-Brazil01:00 am
02 December 2022GSerbia-Switzerland07:00 pm
02 December 2022HSouth Korea-Portugal04:00 pm
02 December 2022HGhana-Uruguay10:00 pm

FIFA World Cup 2022 Fixtures | 2nd Round

DateMatchTime (BD)Venue
03 December 2022A1-B209:00 pmKhalifa International
03 December 2022C1-D201:00 amAhman bin Ali
04 December 2022D1-C209:00 pmAl Thumama
04 December 2022B1-A201:00 amAl Bayt
05 December 2022E1-F209:00 pmAl Janub
05 December 2022G1-H201:00 amStadium 974
06 December 2022F1-E209:00 pmLucille
06 December 2022H1-G201:00 amEducation City

FIFA World Cup 2022 Fixtures | Quarter finals

DateMatchTime (BD)Venue
09 December 2022E1-F2-G1-H209:00 pmLucille
09 December 2022A1-B2-C1-D201:00 amEducation City
10 December 2022F1-E2-H1-G209:00 pmAl Bayt
10 December 2022B1-A2-D1-C201:00 amAl Thumama

FIFA World Cup 2022 Fixtures | Semifinals

DateMatchTime (BD)Venue
13 December 2022First 2 QF Winner01:00 amAl Bayt
14 December 2022Last 2 QF Winner01:00 amLucille

Third Place Determinant

DateMatchTime (BD)Venue
17 December 2022Defeated two semifinalists09:00 pmKhalifa International


DateMatchTime (BD)Venue
18 December 20222 Semi Winners09:00 pmLucille

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