Famous producer Kim Ki Duk has died in Covid19

One epidemic after another is going down in the world show. This time, the famous Korean filmmaker Kim Ki Duk fell victim to this virus.

He died in Latvia, Europe, on the night of December 11, local time. At the time of his death, this famous builder was only 59 years old.

Latvian local media confirmed the news of Delphi’s death. However, the South Korean embassy in Latvia has not yet commented on Kim’s death.

According to Delphi, Kim Ki Duk came to Latvia from South Korea on November 20. He was to buy a house on the shores of the Riga Sea, the capital of the country.

Colleagues are worried about Kim’s absence on the day of the meeting scheduled to buy the house. They did not find Kim and went to hospitals.

Eventually he found out that he was hospitalized with coronavirus. He died on Friday while undergoing treatment there.

Kim Ki Duk
Kim Ki Duk

Famous Producer Kim Ki Duk Has Died In Corona

Incidentally, in his long career, Kim Ki Duk has introduced South Korean cinema to the world. He was born on December 20, 1960, in Bonghoa, South Korea. He studied fine arts in Paris from 1990 to 1993.

After completing his education, he returned to the country and started writing screenplays. In 1995, he won first prize in a competition organized by the Korean Film Council.

Kim directed a low-budget film called Crocodile in 1996. He started betting in 2000. That year, his film, entitled Real Fiction, was screened at the 23rd Moscow International Film Festival.

In 2004, he was awarded Best Director at the Berlin International Film Festival for his film “Samaritan Girl” and at the Venice Film Festival for “3-Iron”.

In 2012, his Pieta won Best Picture at the Venice, Berlin and Cannes Film Festivals and the Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival.