Facebook Messenger in a new form in 2021

Facebook Messenger debuted in a new form. Most people in the world are under house arrest in Corona. Social media is the only way to communicate with friends, colleagues and relatives.

This time, Facebook Messenger has added some features to give users a new experience. The logo also changed.

The new logo of Messenger, which was recently released by Facebook, is not only blue as before, but also has some pink color. Not just new logos, but more new themes and features.

Facebook Vice President Stan Chadnovsky also made a statement in this regard. In fact, the new logo of Messenger is to combine the chat system of Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

Facebook Messenger In A New Form

Messenger has already come up with some new features on several phones. There will also be a special love theme called Love and Tie-Die. With selfie sticker!

Then the vanish mode will be added quickly! Users will also get the benefits of Snapchat and Instagram on Messenger.

This means that if this mode is turned on, any picture sent by the user will be deleted when he leaves the chat or sees the person on the other side.