The most notorious crime city in the world

The most notorious crime city in the world. As opposed to civic civility, urban crime is the biggest fear of city dwellers. Robberies, thefts, robberies, murders all make the life of a citizen miserable. Apart from this, widespread violence, abductions and activities of gang warfare in the newspapers have alarmed the security forces.

The most notorious crime city in the world

Inside the house or outside – nowhere is safe common people. However, these dangerous cities have become a paradise for criminals and murderers. These cities are known as the world’s most notorious crime zones in terms of crime rate…

Kabul, Afghanistan : crime city in the world

Kabul, Afghanistan
Kabul, Afghanistan

Kabul is one of the most dangerous cities in Afghanistan. In this war-torn city, security is the biggest question for the city dwellers. Citizen’s life is not guaranteed in this city.

This important city of Afghanistan is being destroyed by bombs every day. Innocent people are being killed by car bombs or terrorist attacks. Bombs dropped by warplanes in the air are collapsing houses and shops instantly. The dark chapter of the war made this city the most feared city in the world.

The citizens of this city are scared and oppressed every moment with panic. As the crisis between the anti-government forces and the security guards is at its peak, no one knows when this dire situation will be resolved.

Mogadishu, Somalia : crime city in the world

Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, is considered one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Since 1990, the citizens of this city, which has been in dire straits, are most in danger. The last successful functioning of the government system was in 1991 after the United Nations and other countries’ embassies moved out.

Since then civil life has been constantly going through uncertainty. The situation gradually worsened when al-Qaeda involvement was reported around 2007. The safety of the city is not mistaken when compared to passing through the post-war devastation.

After 2011, the Turkish Air Force increased its presence in the city and the situation is not very safe at all. The terror of aerial bombardment and the shootings, bombs and attacks of terrorists on the streets have turned Mogadishu into one of the most feared cities in the world, including Somalia.

Baghdad, Iraq | crime city in the world

Baghdad, Iraq
Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad is one of the most dangerous places in the world. Aerial drone attacks as well as road car bombings have turned Baghdad into a city of terror. The situation went from bad to worse as guerrilla attacks increased.

As the use of larger and heavier munitions increased, so did the number of civilian casualties caused by shoulder-mounted short-range missiles. But the hope is that, although not yet fully back to the safe city, the situation is getting better than before.

Civil security is of particular importance in Iraq’s current system of government. However, over everything, there are often reports of innocent people being killed. Suicide bombings and indiscriminate shootings, explosions of roadside bombs have not stopped yet.

Caracas, Venezuela | crime city in the world

Venezuela is one of the most crime-ridden countries in the world. The Venezuelan suburb of Caracas is notorious as a haven for drug dealers and drug traffickers. Many crimes have been taking place in this city for a long time. Crimes like murder, abduction, robbery, endangering the common life have become the daily work here.

Apathy on the part of the law enforcement agencies has made the situation worse. Most murders in the city go unpunished due to lack of resources and corruption in law enforcement. At least 100 people out of 100,000 were killed in this city. The murder rate in this city is 99.71.

Which proves what a weak situation prevails in Caracas, Venezuela. The main reasons for such violence are urban poverty and weak law enforcement agencies.

Cali, Colombia | crime city in the world

Cali, Colombia
Cali, Colombia

The city of Cali in Colombia is listed as one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Also listed is another city, Buenaventu. The crime rate here has also worried the local administration. This suburb has a homicide rate of 59.33.

The city of Cali has a long and sordid history of drug trafficking, violence and murder due to the existence of rival cartels. Being a port city, rival factions have been at war for decades for control of a powerful position in drug trade and drug trafficking. More than three lakh people live in the city. Most of whom live in poverty.

It is known that the crime rate in this city is increasing day by day due to corruption. In addition to the murders, sexual violence is also seen in the suburbs of Cali and Buenaventura. The rate of this violence is also quite alarming according to analysts.

Kingston, Jamaica | crime city in the world

Kingston, Jamaica is one of the most peaceful and safe regions in the Caribbean world. As a result, the country has gained a great reputation in the tourism industry. But the country’s Kingston suburb is on the list of crime underworld. Where the murder rate is 64.17 percent.

Committed crime, social inequality and failure of law enforcement make the environment here dangerous. In addition to murders, one has to keep one’s eyes and ears open to avoid petty theft or robbery in this city. Apart from this, local criminals target tourists for crimes like pickpocketing, robbery and kidnapping.

Cape Town, South Africa | crime city in the world

Cape Town, South Africa crime
Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town in South Africa is considered to be the safest place for crime and criminals. This suburb is called – ‘Two worlds in one area’. On the one hand the city is a tourist attraction and haven, on the other a war zone filled with violence. As a result, Cape Town is one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

The city recorded 2,911 homicides in 2021. Cape Town, with a population of over 4 million, has a murder rate of 62.22 percent. Hundreds of gangs live in this city. Most crimes are committed in the presence of more than 100 gangs in the city. Many of whom are involved in drug trade, human trafficking, armed robbery and other crimes.

San Pedro Sula, Honduras | crime city in the world

The Honduran city has none of the crime that can disrupt civil life. Innocent people have to live in fear of life in San Pedro Sula. 7 lakh 19 thousand 447 citizens live in this city. But anyone will be shocked to see the murder rate of this city. This city’s murder rate is 158.87!

After the murder rate reaches this unbelievable rate, it is impossible to understand the extent of the fear in this city. Not only one of the world’s, but according to the calculations of some analysts, it is the most dangerous and terrifying city in the world. A recent study showed that many people are fleeing their country of Honduras to escape torture, poverty and violence.

Feira de Santana, Brazil | crime city in the world

Feira de Santana, Brazil crime
Feira de Santana, Brazil

Brazil’s Feira de Santana city is known for its vibrant culture. Another reason the city has recently attracted attention is its high crime rate. The murder rate of this city is 61.21 percent.

The city is notorious for other gang crimes such as drug trafficking, robberies and ambushes. In addition, one of the world’s largest shipments of cocaine goes from Belem, Brazil. The city of Belem is also on the list of the most dangerous cities in the world due to the free movement of criminals.

Like many cities in Brazil, Vitoria da Conquista is known as a haven for criminals. Even the city of Mosoro has gained notoriety due to its poor socio-economic conditions. The murder rate here is at least 54.64 percent.

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