IPL 2021 : Corona’s attack on RCB’s Devdutt Padikkal

As the IPL 2021 season draws to a close, Corona’s problems are becoming more apparent. After Akshar Patel and a member of Chennai Super Kings, this time Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Devdutt Padikkal has been attacked by Covid-19.

This was reported by RCB on Sunday. For now, he is in seclusion, separate from the rest of the team. The injury of this Karnataka batsman is a big blow to Virat Kohli’s team.

Parikkal was in good rhythm last time. He scored 473 runs in 15 matches. Kohli took a look at his innings, keeping his head down to open. Bhuyasi praised him.

IPL 2021 : Corona’s attack on RCB’s Devdutt Padikkal

He will not be able to play at least two matches as a result of being Kavid. RCB is playing against Mumbai Indians on the first day of Indian Premier League.

Kohli thought that he would open with him as he did not have a foothold. He has played well in two domestic competitions this year.

Syed Mustaq Ali has scored 218 runs in 6 matches in the trophy. Vijay Hazare scored 737 runs in 7 matches in the trophy. The average was 147.40.