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Deepika Padukone started her amazing journey in Hollywood

Popular Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone is moving to Hollywood again. He is going to act in a romantic comedy film.  This film will be produced by IRS Corporate Global Corporation Division. Deepika will not just act in this Hollywood movie. He will be handcuffed as a producer through this film. Deepika's production company Ka Productions will be in charge of co-production of the film. She said

Brad Pitt wins legal battle, angry Angelina Jolie in 2021

Hollywood Superstar Brad Pitt has won the legal battle. They went to court over child custody after their breakup with Angelina Jolie. However, Jolie did not take the matter well. He has harshly criticized the judge. Brad and Jolie have six children. Pitt wanted to spend more time with his children. But Jolie was not agreeing to that. In the end, the judge ruled in favor of 57-year-old

Oscar-winning Chloe Zhao is neglected in her own country!

Chinese female producer Chloe Zhao has won the Best Director award at the 93rd Academy Awards. Not only that, his film 'Nomadland' also won the Best Picture award. She also holds the Oscar title for being the first female producer in Asia. The world famous production company Marvel Studios has a big budget action movie 'Eternal' in its hands. Western-science fiction has a picture work

Hollywood stars beside devastated India in Covid19

Hollywood stars beside devastated India in Corona. India is going through a terrible time as a tragic victim of the second wave of corona. Every day new records of infections and deaths are being created in the country. Where the number of victims is more than 4 lakh and the death toll is more than 3 thousand. Many world leaders are standing by India's side at this bad time Many countries

Oscar 2021: Best Movie Nomadland, Actor Anthony

'Nomadland' has been selected as the best film at the 93rd Oscars. The film is directed by Chloe Zhao. The winners of the 93rd edition of the Academy Awards (Oscars), the world's biggest film awards, were announced on Monday. This time the best film has been selected 'Nomadland'. The film is directed by Chinese director Chloe Zhao. This year's event will be held in Los Angeles, USA on

Kim Kardashian is now the billionaire hollywood actress

US reality show star Kim Kardashian has set foot in the elite billionaire club. According to the US trade magazine Forbes, Kim's net worth has reached 1 billion. Which is more than 8 thousand 4 hundred crore in Bangladeshi currency. He has earned this income from cosmetics, clothing brands, TV, advertising and investment. According to the BBC and Al Jazeera, Kim Kardashian is one of the

Popular Series Spider-Man is wearing a mask in 2021

Spider-Man Tom Holland is wearing a mask. He has published that outlook on his Instagram account. He did this in the movie 'Spider-Man-3' to encourage the use of masks in the Corona epidemic. Tom writes in the caption of the photo, ‘I am wearing two masks. Wear it too. 'It has received a good response from superhero fans. The sequel to 'Far from Home' is not specified, but is expected to be

Oscar-winning best actor Christopher Plummer is no more

Oscar-winning actor Christopher Plummer is no more. The actor, popularly known as 'The Sound of Music', breathed his last at his home in Kansas on Friday. He was 91 years old at the time of his death. Plummer was born in 1929 into a "royal" family in Canada. Christopher, the grandson of John Abbott, Canada's third prime minister, is said to be "royal". The actor grew up in Toronto. From

Famous producer Kim Ki Duk has died in Covid19

One epidemic after another is going down in the world show. This time, the famous Korean filmmaker Kim Ki Duk fell victim to this virus. He died in Latvia, Europe, on the night of December 11, local time. At the time of his death, this famous builder was only 59 years old. Latvian local media confirmed the news of Delphi's death. However, the South Korean embassy in Latvia has not yet