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World hunger index 2021: Bangladesh took 13 steps

Bangladesh has further advanced in the survey of world hunger index 2021. That is the position of the country in the world hunger index. The index says, Bangladesh is 13 steps ahead of last year. However, according to the score of the index, the level of hunger in Bangladesh is at a 'severe level'. Concern World Wide and Wealth Hunger Hilfe jointly published the report. According to the

Nobel Prize 2021 Winners List Pdf Download

Here is your Nobel Prize 2021 Winners List. You can download it with PDF version. The announcement of the Nobel laureates begins on the first Monday in October each year. Due to the Corona epidemic, the winners will receive the prize in their respective countries. The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) won the Nobel Peace Prize last year. The company won the Nobel Prize in 2019 for

Bangladeshi average life expectancy has increased to 72.8 years

Bangladeshi average life expectancy has increased. At present the life expectancy is 72 years 8 months. The average life expectancy of men is 71 years 2 months. The average life expectancy of a woman is 74 years 5 months. In 2019, the average life expectancy was 72.6 years. His previous year was 72.3 years. This information has come up in the survey of Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics

Bangladesh in the era of electric train

Bangladesh entered the era of electric train. The first operation of Metrorail in the history of the country was shown with the help of electricity at Metrorail depot in Uttara around 12 noon on Tuesday. An inaugural function was organized at the depot on the occasion. Minister for Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader was added as the chief guest. The train with six sets of bogies

Most Powerful Passport List in the world 2021 | Updated

Hello Friends! Here is your Most Powerful Passport List in the world. Firstly you get here latest powerful passport 2021 list. The Henley Passport Index has released a list of the strongest and weakest passports in the world, as the world has come to a standstill due to the Covid-19 epidemic. The world has come to a standstill due to the epidemic novel coronavirus. Waiting for a flight at

Government Holidays 2021 Bangladesh | Full List Download

The cabinet has approved the list of Bangladesh Government Holidays 2021 Bangladesh. In the new list, the general holiday is 14 days. Six of them are on weekly holidays. Besides, this year there are eight days off in the executive order. One of them fell on a weekly holiday. The list was approved at a cabinet meeting on Monday (2 November, 2020). The virtual meeting was held under the

BJIT Distribute food items and masks amid Corona effected

BJIT (Bangladesh-Japan IT) company has come to the side of the unhappy and helpless people in distress due to the corona situation. The company distributes various foodstuffs and health protection masks, including rice, pulses, oils, potatoes, and salt, to 1,000 poor and helpless people in their respective areas of the company's founder, CIP Akbar JM. Municipal Mayor Selim Jahangir

Coronavirus (COVID19) – Affected & Death Live Update

The world is shaking with Coronavirus (COVID19). The number of Coronavirus affected is increasing day by day. The number of deaths also increasing. Until now, scientists have not been able to find any reliable replicators. All daily updated information will be published here. > Affected People85,040,066> Deaths1,844,920> Recovered60,166,133> Affected Country220

Bangladesh Newspapers Circulation & Ad Rate 2021

Here is your Bangladesh Newspapers Circulation & Ads Rate. we update it every year for you. ➤ Bangladesh Newspapers List 2021 ➤ Bangladesh Newspapers List 2020 Bangladesh Newspapers Circulation & Ad Rate Published. The list was published on 1 January 2020. According to the list, the total number of newspapers in Bangladesh is 706. It has 551 daily newspapers. These

Auto Loan Interest Rate – Top 20 Bank Compare in Bangladesh

Do you want to know Auto Loan Interest Rate or Car loan Interest rate in Bangladesh? Yes, Friends! Here is your Top 20 Bank Auto Loan Rate Compare in Bd. Looking to own a new, reconditioned, or used car? Get Auto Loan compare from any bank today! Most of the Bangladeshi bank strives to increase independence and improve the quality of life by being there for you. Auto Loan Interest Rate