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Top 10 Richest Country In The World 2021

Today we discuss about Top Richest Country In The World. Whether the people of a country are rich or poor, the best way to understand that position is to determine their purchasing power. What he can buy with the money he earns. However, the prices of any product of one country will not match with other

Top 10 Economically Important Bridges in Bangladesh

Today we will tell you about Economically Important Bridges in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is surrounded by boundless beauty. The whole small country is surrounded by a unique form of nature. All the big rivers have enhanced the appearance of that country. And all the big bridges have been built to keep the

Top 5 Historical Bridges in Bangladesh

There are many Historical Bridges in Bangladesh. They had also Architectural Interest. Today we will discuss about this topic. These bridges were one of the means of communication. However, over time, these hundreds of years old bridges are lost. A bridge is a structure built to span a physical obstacle

Education Loan Interest Rate 2022 | Top 11 Bank Compare in BD

This time I will discuss Education Loan Interest Rate. Several banks are giving loans for higher education in the country. This is a piece of good news for the students. Some Private banks offer long-term loans for students in simple terms. For your convenience, some lending institutions have provided

AB Bank branch list, Contact Number, Swift Code & Routing Number

AB Bank branch list you will get here. AB Bank is Bangladesh's first private bank. This Bank has a huge ATM network. AB Bank currently has 105 branches across the country. In these branches, they provide services to the people of the country. Today I will list all the branches of AB Bank and their

Bank Swift Code | Bangladesh all Bank Full List 2022

Here is you Bank swift code list for Bangladeshi all banks. dutch bangla bank swift code, dbbl swift code, prime bank swift code, brac bank swift code, ebl swift code, sonali bank swift code & Much more ready for you. Not only that here is your all information about the swift code checker. Let's

Marriage Loan Interest Rate 2022 | Top 10 Banks Compare in Bd

Hi Friends! Are you finding Marriage Loan Interest Rate in Bangladesh? Yes, you are in the right place. Today I will tell you Bangladeshi all bank's marriage loan interest rate or Marriage Loan compare. Thinking of marriage But the lack of money does not dare. Or with the money, you can not organize well.

Auto Loan Interest Rate 2022 | Top 20 Bank Compare in BD

Do you want to know Auto Loan Interest Rate or Car loan Interest rate in Bangladesh? Yes, Friends! Here is your Top 20 Bank Auto Loan Rate Compare in Bd. Looking to own a new, reconditioned, or used car? Get Auto Loan compare from any bank today! Most of the Bangladeshi bank strives to increase

Government Holidays 2022 Bangladesh | Download Full List

Here is your Government Holidays 2022 Bangladesh. Next year there will be 22 days of public holidays. However, the weekly holiday is six days. The cabinet on Thursday (28 October 2021) approved the list of public holidays for 2022. The cabinet meeting was chaired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The