Bhutan has reinforced tourism possibilities!

Bhutan has embraced tourism possibilities for the preservation of nature and preservation of heritage. Bhutan does not want to lose its nature and heritage in the footsteps of unbroken tourists.

They prefer to keep themselves separate from the outside world to cherish their culture and heritage.

Foreign tourists were allowed entry for the first time in Bhutan in the 1970s. It is not very easy to visit the whole of Bhutan in the beautiful tourist area and the vibrant culture. The Bhutan government has not allowed tourism to spread widely in a planned manner.

For this reason, people outside South Asia have to fill certain conditions for Bhutan entry. In the tourist season, tourists outside South Asia have to pay $250 a day to visit Bhutan. Extra fees for the off-season tourism are $ 200 a day.

Due to this obligation, Bhutan could not get the foot of foreign tourists. This arrangement has been taken to maintain its own culture and beauty and to stop the entry of outsiders to a large extent. Bhutan’s tourism season is March-May and September-November, especially in March, April, October, and November busy season.

If you want to travel to Bhutan at this time, you will have to make sure that you have reservations for at least a month. Most tourists visit Bhutan at this time because this time is the ideal time for festivals and trekking, which is naturally a big attraction. And if you want to avoid a tourist crowd, it is good to travel in the off-season.

Most of the hotels have WiFi, but if more connections are needed then they can be used to purchase local SIM cards from Tashi Cell or B-Mobile. But the cost is much higher, in 15 minutes to make calls in Bangladesh.

Bhutan is the only country in the world

Bhutan is the only country in the world, where smoking and tobacco sale are completely prohibited. As a result of smoking at the public place, there is a fine calculation of fine. However, alcohol is very easily available. Alley-mall bars, liquor shops. If you want to buy it. It’s more time to open them than usual.

Tuesday is considered as the ‘Dry Day’ National Day. Alcohol sales are prohibited on this day. Bhutan’s official language is Jhanka, but most of Bhutan’s people are fluent in English.

Because the medium of their education is English, so communication is not a problem. The government spends in many sectors, including citizens’ education, medical expenditure, and government spending. Bhutan’s local currency is Gultram, which is exchanged in the Indian Rupee equation. Shoppers and traders at the time of shopping at the time of trading with Gultram.

Bhiman’s capital, Thimpu and west of Bhutan, the city is the most important tourist center. Para is one of the tourist attractions of Bhutan. Bhutan’s biggest attraction is the people of this country. Every human being is enjoying eternal happiness.

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No noise can be found in hotels, restaurants, markets, streets. Even our evergreen chestnut market, the fish market is very popular with people making money shopping. Controversy and dispute Bhutanese do not like at all. There is no desire for excess demand.

Because of this, there is no fascination for the abundance of ethnicity. Our tour guide said we do not want a lot of tourists. We want good quality tourists. Low volume, High Impact.