Top 5 Best Tourist Places in Indonesia 2023

Bali island is one of the places to visit in Indonesia. The islands of Indonesia are very beautiful. Now on arrival’ visa, now a golden opportunity to visit beautiful and natural scenery at low cost. Here is your Top 5 Best Tourist Places in Indonesia.

Indonesia consists of about seventeen thousand islands. People here are known to be very friendly, patient, humble and hospitable. Indonesian staples are rice and curry, which are often spiced with fruit. In some places, families sit together on mats and eat rice with their hands. Many Indonesians think that eating this way is delicious.

Indonesians love art, dance and music. Angklang is a special type of Indonesian musical instrument; In which several bamboo pipes are loosely tied together in a frame. Number of people doing tours in Indonesia is constantly increasing in many areas. Indonesia is a completely Muslim country, with only a minority of Muslims in Bali.

Best Tourist Places in Indonesia
Best Tourist Places in Indonesia

Top 5 Best Tourist Places in Indonesia

Indonesia can be a place of sophisticated beauty and importance for travelers who are currently traveling from different countries of the world. People flock there for a variety of personal honeymoons, including seasonal pairings or official tours. There are attractive beaches here. Indonesia is a country that has many attractions including shopping malls and is much more peaceful than other countries.

Bali island | Best Tourist Places in Indonesia

Bali is an island located just 2 kilometers from the city of Java, Indonesia. Bali is called “The Last Paradise on Earth”. Bali is quite distinct from other provinces in Indonesia. The culture of Bali particularly attracts the tourists who come here.

The sacred mountain of Bali is considered by the Balinese as one of the 8 “chakra” points of the earth. The natives of Bali believe in God. The friendly behavior of the people of Bali and the charm of the natural environment make tourists come back again and again to spend their holidays in Bali.

Bali’s weather is wonderful throughout the year. April to September is the ideal time to visit this island. However, traveling to Bali between April and May or October to February can largely avoid the rain and tourist crowds.

Bali Island 1
Collected Pic | Bali island

Sights of Bali

Although Bali has many different types of tourists, Bali Island is a very popular destination for honeymooners. The island has all the arrangements for a newly married couple or a romantic couple’s vacation. Although the island of Bali attracts tourists from all over the world, Bali is most popular with Australians.

UluwatuKuta Beach
Kintamani Mount BaturSukawati Market
UbudSeminyak Beach
Tanah lotArt Village
Tirta ampouleNoosa Dua
LovinaBali Birdhouse
Sanur Beach

Where to stay in Bali

Hotel fares in Bali are not that exorbitant. If you spend 15 to 40 Dollar, you can stay in a good hotel with complimentary breakfast. Book your hotel online at or before you go to Bali. But if you are near Kuta Beach or Legian Beach, you will get the feeling of the sea from the hotel itself.

Batam Island | Best Tourist Places in Indonesia

Kotamadya is the local name of Batam Island, the eighth largest city in Indonesia. Batam Island is Indonesia’s third busiest gateway after Bali and Jakarta. The island has an area of 1,595 square kilometers with a population of about 11 lakhs. There are 14 districts divided into 6 islands.

By sea, the distance from Singapore to Batam Island is only 20 kilometers. And the distance from one end of Batam to the other is 25 kilometers. As a result, it is possible to visit the whole island in one day by taxi, minibus or bus.

There are several suspension bridges along the south coast of Batam. All the bridges together are called Beerlang Bridge. And Beerlang Bridge area is most popular among the tourists coming here. The beauty of the greenery, the sea beach and the suspension bridge is unique. The sunset view on this beach will be memorable for a long time.

In addition, you can visit Batam Island’s traditional sites such as Jabyal Arafa Mosque, Miniature Park, Mahavihar Duta Buddhist Temple, Masjid Raya, Tua Pang Kong Buddhist Monastery and Nagoya area.

Batam Island 1
Collected Pic | Batam island

How to go Batam Island

The easiest and cheapest way to get to Batam Island is by ferry from Singapore. So if you want to go directly to Batam Island from Bangladesh, you can travel via Singapore. Ferries to Batam Island depart from Singapore Harbourfront. From Singapore Airport, you can reach Harborfront Station by MRT, Bus and Taxi.

Where will you stay

Batam Island has numerous hotels and resorts. Hotel fares are about half that of Singapore. Here you can stay in a five-star hotel at a low cost. However, it is safe to book hotels in advance online through trip advisor or any trusted website.

Gili Islands | Best Tourist Places in Indonesia

Gili Islands is the name of the most popular place in the Lombok Islands, located east of the Indonesian island of Bali. The beauty of Gili Island is difficult to express in words. The clear blue water sea, the blue sky, the intoxicating sunsets along with the intoxicating live music of various clubs and bars will give you a feeling that is enough to remember for a lifetime.

There are no vehicles in the Gili except for horse-drawn carts and bicycles. So you can explore this beautiful island by renting a bicycle by the hour.

The word gili from the Sasak language means small. The Gili Islands are mainly made up of three small islands namely Gili Trawangan or Gili T, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Several thrilling activities like scuba driving, snorkeling, underwater walking, island hopping, glass bottom boat trips can be enjoyed in Gili Island for 20 to 50 dollars.

Snorkeling will cost one and a half lakh rupees per person. Gili Meno, Gili Air, Turtle Reef, Fish Reef and Coral Island can be visited by speed boat during the 4-hour snorkeling. Also you can see the wonderful underwater life of the sea.

In Gili Island, you can sit as long as you want under the chairs, hammocks or umbrellas available in front of any hotel or restaurant, starting from five stars. No one will say anything and there is no obligation to take any service from the hotel or renter. Also you can use any hotel and resort bathroom for dress change or shower.

Gili Islands 1
Collected Pic | Gili Islands

How to go Gili Islands

If you want to go from Bali to Gili, you have to buy a fast boat service ticket. 5 lakhs per person including return tickets will cost Rs. There are many information booths at various places in Bali and Kuta. From those places you can take the package of your choice to go to Gili Island.

If you book a ticket with hotel pickup and drop, the person you book the ticket with will arrange to take you from the hotel to Padang Bai Jetty/Padam Harbour. It takes about one and a half to two hours to reach the jetty by car.

And it takes about one and a half to two hours to go to Gili by boat from the jetty. Fast-boat service tickets can also be booked online but the price is comparatively higher.

Where will you stay

One night stay at Gili Trawangan resorts will cost 20 to 60 Dollar. However, if you want to stay in beach view resorts, you have to spend 40 to 70 Dollar.

Suluban Beach | Best Tourist Places in Indonesia

The word Suluban is derived from the Balinese word literally meaning ‘leaning’. This name may be because it is mandatory to bend while entering this beach through a small cave created between two rocks.

Since there is no direct access to this beach, it is also called the hidden beach. Coming out of the cave, you will see big blue waves crashing on the white sand of Suluban Beach.

This beach is quite small in size but stunning. Besides, it is a bit remote and there are popular beaches like Padang Padang or Dreamland Beach nearby, so there is less tourist traffic here.

Suluban Beach is also a popular destination for surfers for its endless big waves, where international surfing competitions are held every now and then.

Suluban Beach 1
Collected Pic | Suluban Beach

How to go Suluban Beach

Arriving in Bali, stay somewhere near Seminyak or Kuta Beach. Then rent a car or rent a scooter for a day and go to Suluban Beach in the morning. Then take lunch here till noon and go to Uluwatu Temple for afternoon and sunset which is very close from this beach.

Ubud | Best Tourist Places in Indonesia

Ubud is the name of a village in Bali, Indonesia. Ubud has become so popular in the last few years that the village vibe has died down a bit. A lot of Europeans come to Ubud. It lasts for months. Ubud has many temples, rice terraces and fountains.

Some of the temples in Ubud are believed by the Balinese to wash away their sins by bathing in these temples. Ubud Rice Terraces is basically an evergreen place where rice is cultivated in the land cut like a staircase. Ubud is called the cultural center of Indonesia.

Every year there is a music and dance drama every day. There are also pottery shops and art galleries. Ubud is easily accessible by walking or cycling away from the locality.

Tegunguan Waterfall

The entrance ticket to Tegenungan Waterfall is 1 Dollar. You have to go down the hill to the waterfalls. It is quite large among sand springs. Every day many tourists come to see it. There is also a restaurant for lunch.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Tegallalang Rice Terrace is about 1 hour drive from the waterfall. The entire terrace gets muddy in the rain. As the terrace is cut into the hill, it is very difficult to climb or descend the slippery path.

Be careful while getting up and down. There are human-sized bird’s nests for photography that draw photo lovers very close. Besides, you can taste the Tegalalang Rice Terrace Swing here.

ubud indonesia 1
Collected Pic | Ubud

Monkey Forest

Monkey Forest is like a big park. It can also be called a monkey sanctuary. Lots of monkeys here. The entrance ticket is around 5 Dollar. There is a temple inside. There is seating. There are different kinds of monkeys.

Tirtha Impul Temple

According to locals, all sins are washed away by bathing in the water of Tirtha Impul Temple. A small fee is required to enter the temple. In Bangla Taka which is 2/3 Dollar. There is like a pond inside the temple. According to local people, the water that comes out of the pond here is very holy and bathing with your head in each of the ponds will wash away all your sins.

So tourists flock here. Apart from this, there are some other places of worship in the temple. But this place has the most traffic. This temple is at the top of the map of Ubud. It is about 12/14 km from the centre. Best to go by bike. No cost at all. But hiring a taxi or a private car will cost a lot which is around several thousand rupees.

Ubud Market

Ubud Market is the market for all cultural goods in Ubud. Here you will find a lot of Balinese culture. Sarongs, small musical instruments, some statues, Balinese clothes are available here. Also, the urban area of Ubud is also quite beautiful. It will be nice to visit on foot.


The best way to get around Ubud is to rent a scooter. It will cost like 3 Dollar per day. Besides, taxi or car can also be hired but the cost is a little higher.

Hotel accommodation

There are different types of hotels in Ubud. From five star to normal hotels. Here hotel rent minimum starts from 15 Dollar. Food costs in Ubud are a bit higher than Kuta or other areas. It can cost like 3 to 4 Dollar per hour.

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