Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Venice 2023

Venice is the floating city on water. The magnificent ancient palace stands on the clear blue water. A river flows between the palaces. Just looking at the clear water, the reflection of the ancient aesthetic city appeared, like the reflection of the city painted by the artist. Now I tell you Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Venice.

The beauty of the city that has been constantly shown in the shooting of thousands of Hollywood Bollywood movies, the romantic city of Venice in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea is the city of Italy. This is our event to know about the beautiful beauty of Venice.

Best Places to Visit in Venice
Best Places to Visit in Venice

The floating city of Venice

The area of this most beautiful floating city on the Mediterranean Sea is 414.57 square kilometers. Awe-inspiring waterways take Venice to a unique level of beauty. There are 177 canals in this city of 118 islands. Each island is connected to each other by bridges. There are 409 bridges connecting each island. There are many islands where there is no footpath.

All the houses embedded in the water are houses. This city decorated in such a form is also called the ‘floating city’. Venice is the only motor vehicle-free city in Europe and also smoke-free in the 21st century. The only means of transportation in this floating city is the beautifully crafted watercraft.

It is said that about 1500 years ago, a bandit called Attila lived on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. To escape his piracy, the coastal people came and built houses in the swamps surrounded by these numerous islands. So that Attila could not enter the area on horseback and commit banditry. Venice’s journey began from that island marsh.

Best Places to Visit in Venice

As a noble and romantic city, the city of Venice, known as the City of Love and Lights, is at the top of the tourist list of all tourists. Venice is crowded with tourists 365 days a year. Of the millions of people who visit Venice every day, 75 percent are tourists.

For visitors from all over the world to enjoy the natural beauty of Venice, there are various traditional buildings, museums, cafes, restaurants in Venice – these buildings touch the hearts of the visitors. Now let’s know about some of those buildings and places to see and objects-

Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge

Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge
Collected Pic | Grand Canal and Rialto Bridge

Narrow canals run all over Venice like a spider’s web. Meanwhile, the famous canal that bisects the city is the Grand Canal. A wonder of the construction world. The eye-catching colors, designs and architectural styles of the city can be seen from these canals on the way of boats and speed boats. All bridges overlooking the canal.

One bridge caught everyone’s eye, the famous, magnificent bridge over the Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge. Boat trips under this bridge are very popular with tourists. As the view of the canal from the bridge is mesmerizing, the craftsmanship of this bridge from within the canal touches the mind of the viewer.

There are always people around the bridge. Some stand beside the bridge eager to take pictures, while others stand on the bridge, most of them waiting for the gondola to pass under the bridge.

Bhauja Palace Museum

An important, interesting place in the city of Venice is the Palazzo Vecchio located in Piazza San Marco. Venice is one of the centers of art, literature and culture. This building built in ancient architectural style was converted into a museum in 1923.

Bhauja Palace Museum is one of the places where the opulence of the Republic is displayed. Apart from this, there are small and many other old charming architectural palaces, museums. It is surrounded by various boutiques, cafes and restaurants.

Trattoria di Ferni

Venice is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Along with old and traditional restaurants, there are many new cafes and restaurants in this floating city. Trattoria di Ferni is an ancient and traditional restaurant in Venice. This restaurant was once a bakery.

It was converted into a restaurant in 1973. All the traditional old Venetian dishes, all types of seafood are available here. Seafood includes all types of sea fish from snails, mussels to octopus and squid.

City of Masks

Venice is also known as the city of masks. Carnival is held in Venice every year. On the occasion of this carnival, all the masks are made with exquisite craftsmanship and artistic taste. The colorful masks of Venice are world famous.

Gondola ride

Gondola ride
Collected Pic | Gondola

Every family living in Venice has its own transport system. Their own boat or speedboat is tied to the house. An interesting romantic boat in Venice is the Gondola. Next to the boat speedboat, the watercraft that catches the eye of all the tourists is the traditional gondola of Venice.

Gondola, known as the most romantic watercraft in the world, has been maintaining its own characteristics and charm for ages. The main attractions of the tourist center of Venice can be seen floating on the river by riding the gondola, which is filled with exquisite craftsmanship, and the artistic vision of the artist has emerged.

City of seafood

Waterfront Venice is a tourist paradise for seafood. For those who love to eat seafood, there are seafood attractions in Venice’s fish markets or restaurants. Along with various seafood from the Mediterranean, there are also octopus and squid brought from the far North Atlantic. Just as these seafood are available in fish shops, Venice restaurants also offer delicious seafood options for tourists.

The Phoenix; Tratto La Fenice

The world famous opera is Italian opera. One of the most famous opera houses in Italy is located in Venice. Tratto La Fenice is known as the Palace of the Phoenix. Tourists from different parts of the world flock to this opera house to listen to famous Italian operas. There are very few tourists who have not visited the Opera House in Venice.

St. Mark’s Cathedral

One of the famous architecture in Venice is St. Mark’s Cathedral. Napoleon called the grand square in front of the cathedral the loveliest drawing room in Europe. Adorning the cathedral’s lion door are four metal horse sculptures of incomparable artistic beauty, looted from Istanbul, the heart of the Byzantine Empire, thousands of years ago.

The walls of the four sides of the cathedral are decorated with various well-crafted paintings, various stories written in letters.

Fabrics Guiliana

Fabrics Giuliana is next to Piazza San Marco. All traditional Venetian handicrafts are available at Fabrics Guiliana. Handmade show pieces, calligraphy available. There is a collection of handmade masks here throughout the year. Venice is also dotted with small boutique shops and other shopping centers along the streets, which easily attract the attention of tourists.

Lido Island

Lido Island
Collected Pic | Lido Island

Lido Island is called the Golden Island of Venice. This golden island hosts the world’s oldest film festival ‘Venice International Film Festival’. Tourists come to enjoy the twilight sunset view on the beach of this island.

The police force, the security personnel of the city of Venice, also use speedboats for their movements. Speedboats are patrolled here and there at high speed, with speedboats being the only vehicle to reach speed if needed.

The city of Venice is a dream city for the wanderlust. Although the most expensive city in Europe, this city has become a dream city for all tourists. The art literature of Venice, especially the architecture, is mind-blowing. Each house is standing in the water with an aesthetic form, colorful craftsmanship.

This is a really beautiful wetland city. Venice is a unique city to sit on the banks of the Grand Canal and enjoy the soft glow of twilight. All in all, there is no doubt that Venice is a unique tourist city.

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