Best Actress Jaya Ahsan at the Madrid Festival in 2021

Jaya Ahsan of Bangladesh has won the award for Best Actress in a Foreign Language Film at the Madrid International Film Festival in Spain.

He has received this recognition for his performance in the Bengali film ‘Rabibar’ in West Bengal, India. Atanu Ghosh, the director of the film, also won the Best Screenplay award at the same festival.

Jaya Ahsan and Atanu Ghosh shared the news of their achievement in a post on their Facebook page on Tuesday morning.

She said, ‘This achievement is not mine alone, but everyone involved with the film. It feels good to think that my character in this film is one of the most difficult characters I have ever acted in.

The film was loved by the audience after its release. Now the film critics of the international arena are also feeling good.’

Jaya also said, ‘This is undoubtedly much more fun. There are so many nominations in the world for this section of the festival, I couldn’t even imagine the light that would come on me from there!’

After receiving the news of receiving the award, Jaya Ahsan wrote on her Facebook, ‘What a great good news for all of us in this difficult time, Atanuda (Atanu Ghosh)! Congratulations to you, lots of love.

Jaya Ahsan
jaya ahsan

Best Actress Jaya Ahsan At The Madrid Festival

Among so many films and Superstar actors, it is my destiny that the award came, the lion’s share is yours.

If you hadn’t made such a picture, wouldn’t I have had this good fortune if I hadn’t squeezed my insides for the sake of the character? My heartfelt love to all the artists and craftsmen on Sunday. ‘

It is learned that there were 18 actors with Jaya Ahsan in the actress category in foreign language films. Leaving everyone behind, the judges of the jury noticed Jaya Ahsan’s performance in ‘Sunday’. He gets his reward.

Prosenjit Chatterjee has acted opposite Jaya Ahsan in ‘Rabibar’. Jaya said the film had earlier won Best Music at the West Bengal Film Critics Association 2020 and Best Director and Storyteller at the Film Critics Guild of India Critics’ Choice Film Awards 2020.