Bermuda Triangle: The name of a mystery Forever

Bermuda Triangle is he name of a mystery. Many ships, planes and even countless people have been lost here. And the reason behind everyone’s disappearance is this mysterious geographical area.

This has been happening for ages. But the exact reason is still not known. This mysterious place is called Bermuda Triangle. It is one of the most mysterious places on earth.

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most known mysterious places on earth. It is one of the few places in the modern world that is still shrouded in superstition and mystery.

Bermuda Triangle – Sometimes called the ‘Devil’s Triangle’, ‘Limbo of the Lost’, ‘The Twilight Zone’ and ‘Hoodoo Sea’. The 700,000 square kilometers of land that forms a triangle between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico is called the Bermuda Triangle. However, there is controversy over this point.

Be that as it may, some news have turned the area into a highly mysterious area. It is said that people, ships and airplanes have been lost in this triangle area. No ruins were left behind.

It is believed to have been named in February 1964; When Vincent Gaddis wrote an article titled ‘The Deadly Bermuda Triangle’ for Argosy magazine. Long before its mythology became popular, it was only known as a deserted island. Early seafarers named it ‘The Devil’s Ireland’, frightened by the calls of caho birds and the squeals of wild pigs on shore.

But later, all the terrible shipwrecks and missing planes in the Bermuda Triangle made it a huge mysterious place in the heart of the world. The island’s mystical reputation was perhaps immortalized in Shakespeare’s The Tempest; Which was a story of shipwrecks and witchcraft – ‘still boring Barmouths.’

The triangle-shaped area is called the devil’s triangle. America’s discoverer Columbus first discovered this place. According to his account, the sailors of his ship saw dancing lights and smoke in the sky as they passed the Bermuda Triangle.

Apart from this, Columbus also wrote that his compass was also giving the wrong direction when he came to this place. To this day, countless ships and planes have gone missing in this triangle, of which no trace has been found.

It is believed that at least 50 commercial ships and 20 aircraft have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle in the past 500 years. Most disappeared without a trace. No debris or bodies. Many are said to have disappeared under deep water, without sending any distress signal.

Notable incidents include the Marie Celeste, a 103-foot brigantine found afloat and derelict in 1872. But the real mystery of the Marie Celeste is that the ship was actually found off the coast of Portugal.

According to the theory, aliens came to Earth and made this place their base, and they made all traces of entering the area disappear so that no one would know anything about them. Interestingly, this place can be compared to a black hole. Where once someone enters, let alone exits, there is no trace of their existence.

Although the mystery is still not fully solved, there is a scientific explanation for the marine disasters that occurred at the mysterious place. More recently, scientific theories have suggested that ocean floor methane gas is responsible for the mysterious disappearances of ships and airplanes.

Because the emission of methane gas warms the ocean. As a result, the ship sank. Excess methane gas rises into the air as a flammable gas, and it ignites the aircraft’s engine. As a result, the plane exploded and disappeared.

Bermuda Triangle 1
Bermuda Triangle: The name of a mystery

Bermuda Triangle: The name of a mystery Forever

First of all, on 5 December 1945, five American warplanes with 14 people collided in this triangle. According to the latest information, when the planes came very close to the area, they were saying that there was a lot of smoke in front of them. Couldn’t see anything and their last words were- ‘Save us’. An investigation team was sent there after the incident but till date no news has been received from them.

Apart from this, more plane crashes occurred in 1947, 1948, 1949, 1962, 1965, 2005, 2007 and 2017. The first shipwreck occurred in 1800 in which about 90 passengers lost their lives. In addition, numerous deaths occurred in this triangle in 1814, 1824, 1840, 1918, 1921, 1925, 1941, 1963 and 2015.

According to one statistic, as many as 1,000 people have lost their lives in the Bermuda Triangle to date, which equates to an average of 10 per year. To date there have been many studies about this triangular space.

However, recently a group of scientists revealed its real secret. They described, because of the hexagonal cloud in this place in the sea, a wind ball is created due to which the wind speed exceeds 170 kilometers per hour, everything around cannot withstand this huge wave and disappears into the abyss of the Bermuda Triangle of the Atlantic Ocean.

This study is being ranked above all studies till date. Whether fact or fiction, the Bermuda Triangle is a place of mystery among locals; Which will not disappear or disappear anytime soon.

Flight 19 disappeared

World War II has just ended. On 5 December 1945, five Avenger bombers mysteriously disappeared over the Atlantic Ocean during training. Flight Commander Lt. Charles Taylor was in contact with the US airbase at the time. But suddenly the communication was lost. No signal found.

The aircraft were tested before taking to the skies. The tanks of the aircraft were also full of fuel. There was no problem at all. However, those planes disappeared. Even when rescue forces were sent, they did not return. Which remains an unknown mystery even today.

The Marine Sulfur Queen is missing

One of the most famous cases of missing ships in the geographical mystery of the Bermuda Triangle is the case of the Marine Sulfur Queen. On February 2, 1936, the ship departed with 15,000 tons of sulfur and a crew of 39. On 4 February, the ship was in the Bermuda Triangle when radio transmission suddenly went off.

But a while ago, the ship’s sailor said, ‘What a beautiful weather! Excellent navigation!’ Thus suddenly this 600 feet ship with so many people was completely lost! After years of searching, the Marine Sulfur Queen was never found. Which is still a mystery.

The horror story of Marie Celeste
The horror story of Marie Celeste

The horror story of Marie Celeste

A freighter named Marie Celeste left New York on December 5, 1872. But unfortunately the ship never reached its destination. After a long time passed, the search began as the ship did not arrive. After many attempts, the ship was found floating in the Bermuda Triangle area.

But the strange thing is that those goods and food were completely intact. Only 11 workers are missing. Personal belongings used by the ship’s crew, food containers, valuable cargo and lifeboats were still found intact on the ship.

Surprisingly, the food on the plates on the ship’s dining table was rotten. Where did the crew of the ship disappear in the middle of the big sea! Even today, the rescue ships or their crews could not solve the mystery.

Ellen Austen and the Ghost Story

There is no shortage of myths surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. The place has given birth to many scary and mysterious events. Ellen Austen was trapped on a ship that was considered ominous.

When Ellen Austen was sailing in 1881, the crew encountered an abandoned ship. Where there were all kinds of facilities. But there was no crew member. Ellen and some of her crew went to rescue the unnamed ship.

From there they seek the help of a rescue ship. But later when the rescue ship arrived at the destination, no ship was in sight. That is, both Ellen Austen and the ghost ship had disappeared.

Consequences of the USS Cyclops
Consequences of the USS Cyclops

Consequences of the USS Cyclops

Another major naval accident in US history occurred in the Bermuda Triangle. During World War I, the US government sent a ship, the USS Cyclops, to aid the British.

At the end of February 1918, the gigantic USS Cyclops set sail for Brazil with 306 passengers on board. Later on March 4, the US ship was crossing from Barbados to the United States. But it gets lost in the triangle area in the middle.

The ship approached the Bermuda Triangle and disappeared without a trace. The US government conducted two major operations to rescue the ship. But later they found no shipwreck anywhere.

Supernatural and bizarre theories

Theory One : Devil’s Triangle

This is the most commonly used nickname for the Bermuda Triangle. It is considered to be one of the most mysterious places in the world. Because it is claimed that as many mysterious and reasonless accidents have happened here, there have not been so many accidents anywhere else.

It is said that the devil drags ships and planes arriving here. Hence the local inhabitants named this area Satan’s or Devil’s Triangle.

Theory Two: Base of aliens

Some sci-fi experts say that the Bermuda Triangle is actually an extraterrestrial base. According to them, alien spaceships that come down in the sea destroy ships and planes. Columbus wrote that his ship’s sailors saw dancing lights and smoke in the sky in the region. Locals see strange lights in the sky here. Sometimes unintelligible sounds and strange noises are heard.

Theory Three: Magnetic field

It is a place on earth where compass or other electronic devices do not work. The North Pole of the Compass and the Geographic North Pole meet at a narrow point inside the Bermuda Triangle. As a result, the ship or aircraft gets confused and moves in the wrong direction due to not knowing the correct direction and suffers from terrible accidents.

According to many, Christopher Columbus first reported strange experiences in the area. He also described in his writings the reverse direction of the compass.

Theory Four: The Lost City of Atlantis

The lost city of Atlantis is said to lie beneath the Bermuda Triangle. It is responsible for all the power of Atlantis and all its consequences. In many myths, insatiable spirits and demons attack ships and planes to avenge the ruins of Atlantis.

This theory of the Bermuda Triangle is considered far-fetched. But did all the strange things really happen in the Bermuda Triangle? Which still arouses curiosity among people.

Theory Five: Methane gas

Many believe that the region contains large amounts of methane hydrate gas. Methane hydrate gas produced from the ocean floor lowers the density of water. As a result, the ship sinks before realizing anything.

But this is not a sufficient reason for the loss of the plane. In addition, the cases of missing ships and crew members remain unsolved.

Theory Six: Own biosphere

The Bermuda Triangle is said to be so dangerous that it has its own climate and environment. Severe tornadoes and violent storms have been reported in the region. Many lives and valuables have been lost in such unexpected calamities of nature.

Theory Eight: Secret Organizations

Many believe there is a secret organization deep within the Bermuda Triangle. Kidnapping those who touch their base or privacy. They are said to have installed interceptors that destroy electronic devices including compass navigation. However, there is no evidence for this. But it has similarities with this mystery.

Behavior against nature

Sargasso Sea

It is a strange sea in the Atlantic Ocean between the Bermuda Triangle. There are no arrows around. It is a trap made by nature. Once inside this area, the ship or boat can no longer move of its own accord. To drift aimlessly at the will of the sea. Once the food and drink ran out, the sailors had to die.

Water Monster Whirlpool

A strange thing has been seen at the western end of the Bermuda Triangle. The giant eddies formed in the water here are very powerful. They can easily drag nearby ships into its depths. The people of earlier days used to tell stories of giants under the sea after seeing such huge whirlpools.

Blue hole

There are many underwater caves in the Bermuda Triangle. Due to geography they are shaped like bottles. The mouth of the bottle is just below the upper water level. There are tunnels under these bottles again. which are connected to other bottle caves. These are called blue holes. Among which the sea water circulates strangely. Time creates tremendously powerful currents that pull everything in time.

Amazing bottom

The formation of the bottom of the Bermuda Triangle part of the Atlantic Ocean is somewhat surprising. Scientists have found some unusual variations or features in sonar mapping technology or maps created by throwing sound waves. Inside the Bermuda Triangle, some terrible craters have been found that are quite deep. It is difficult to find if a ship or plane sinks inside it. Because it is not yet possible to reach the bottom.

Gulf Stream

It is a warm water current flowing from the Gulf of Mexico through the Straits of Florida to the North Atlantic. which can carry floating objects downstream like river currents. On December 22, 1967, the yacht Witchcraft suffered engine trouble a few miles off the coast of Miami. The ship’s captain then reported the matter to the Miami Coast Guard. But they reached there quickly but could not find the ship.

Hazardous weather

Dangerous storms can develop within a few minutes across a small area of the Bermuda Triangle. As a result, meteorologists cannot provide advance warning of storms. Satellites also cannot identify the weather patterns of the area.

But this deadly storm has the power to destroy ships and planes in an instant. Apart from that, marine tornadoes are seen in this area. As a result, the water column formed in the sea touches the sky. Destruction is inevitable if ships and aircraft come in its path.

Bermuda Triangle 3
Bermuda Triangle

What is the solution to Bermuda Triangle?

Why would ships and planes disappear in this area? Various theories were given behind it for ages. According to UK media reports, Norwegian researchers have discovered several large craters under the Barents Sea of the North Pole.

Arctic University researchers say that the diameter of these craters or volcanic mouths can be 3,280 feet and 131 feet deep. According to the theory of Russian researcher Vladimir Potapov, the release of methane gas warms the ocean. As a result, the ship sank.

Apart from this, special changes in the atmosphere also cause plane accidents. However, Australian scientist Karl Kruzelnicki opened the mystery. He said, on one side of this triangle is America, the richest country in the world. As a result, the volume of shipping in this area will increase.

That has statistically increased the number of accidents in that area. And that’s what made this amazing theory. The essence of what Carl Kruzelnicki says about breaking through the mystery is that there really is no mystery.

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