Bd Railway Online Ticket Booking From Esheba or Rail Sheba Apps

Now! we tell you Bd Railway Online Ticket Buy From Esheba or Rail Sheba Apps. No More Standing on the line. No More time loss. Now buy a train ticket from home to go anywhere in the country.

And for that, you only need to get Internet support. Train tickets can also be purchased from your mobile SMS. That’s what I’ll tell you today.

Bd Railway Online Ticket

Bd Railway Online Ticket Buy From ESheba

Purchasing tickets through the Internet is another convenient way to travel with Bangladesh Railway.

Register yourself with your cell phone number, book online and your ticket details will then be emailed to you instantly after payment through your any VISA/MASTER, DBBL Nexus/VISA/MASTER/Mobile Banking and City bank Amex cards.

Print it out and bring it along with your valid Identity card to the station at least 15 minutes prior to your journey.

If you purchase e-ticket for other persons, you have to print out a hard copy of e-ticket from designated counters of any online stations.

You can buy tickets online from Bangladesh Railway’s own website online. Firstly you need to Register your name. Just follow this step.

How Can Register your name?

  • Click this link: E-Ticketing
  • Fill all Box & Click Register
  • If all the information is correct then there will be a new page called “Registration Successful”.
  • From the E-ticketing system, an e-mail will be sent immediately from the e-mail address provided by the Bangladesh Railway.
  • You must open the e-mail provided by the Bangladesh Railway in the message box of your e-mail.
  • In the message, click on the “Click” link to be saved. After this process, the registration process will be completed.

How Can Buy Bd Railway Online Ticket?

  • Click this link: E-Ticketing
  • To complete the “Log in” panel, fill in the e-mail address, password, and security code, click the “Log in” button.
  • Then click on the “Purchase ticket” button on the page that will appear.
  • The page that will be here will have to fill in your desired travel date, starting station, destination station, train name, class, ticket number as it is.
  • On the next page, the ticket and its value will be announced by “Registration Seat Available”.If you have a ticket, click the “Purchase ticket” button.
  • Ticket prices will be deducted from the credit card, cash card or BRAC Bank’s bank deposited through the bank’s account, and tickets are confirmed on the e-ticket of the passenger’s e-mail.
  • E-ticket printed with e-ticket, “Ticket Print Information”, along with the print of the ticket sent from the e-mail message box, will have to be collected before the ticket can be collected from the corresponding source station.
download rail sheba app

Bd Railway Online Ticket From Rail Sheba Apps

Bangladesh Railway has arranged for easy ticketing at home from the Rail Sheba app. Anyone can register and buy a ticket.

If you want to register in the app you need your mobile number and national ID number. Once the registration is finished you can be logged in with a mobile number and a password of your choice.

50 percent of the tickets can be purchased through the app. It will tell you the details of the route, starting with selecting the desired seats.

A user can purchase a maximum of four tickets. A user can buy a maximum of eight tickets twice a day.

If you want to log in to the app and get tickets, you need to go to the ‘Purchase’ option. Before that, if you want to know the information about when a train travels or when a train travels, there are ‘information’ options.

The Rail Sheba app can currently be used on all types of Android mobiles. The iPhone version will be launched soon.

Bd Railway Online Ticket

How To Buy Train Tickets?

  • Download Rail Sheba App from this link.
  • Open the app with name, mobile number, e-mail, address, postcode, national ID or birth registration number, date of birth and password.
  • If the account is already open, log in with that mobile number and password.
  • Click the Purchase tab.
  • From the Station tab, select the station from which you want to travel by train.
  • To Station tab, select the station you want to visit.
  • Select the travel date from the Journey Date.
  • Then click on Search Train.
  • Here you can see a list of all the trains to your destination.
  • Select the preferred train seats, ticket numbers, preferred seats (if any) from the list.
  • Click the Pay Now tab to see everything.
  • Understand the ticket by paying the prescribed fee with any Visa card, Master Card, Amex card or development in Bangladesh.
  • Print a ticket from an e-mail. You can travel on the train with this print copy. If you want, you can travel to the train station by collecting a printed copy of the train.

Buy Bd Railway Online Ticket From Mobile SMS

Mobile Operator Company Grameenphone and Banglalink currently provide this service. If you want to buy Train tickets through Mobile SMS, then click this link.

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