Sorrow News! Barcelona match Tickets are not being sold

Barcelona Match Tickets Are Not Being Sold! Yes, that’s the reality at this time.

Barcelona will play their first match in the Spanish La Liga on Sunday against Real Sociedad.

But there is a lack of interest in the match among the supporters of the club. Tickets for the first match of the event are not being sold as there is no Lionel Messi.

Due to the coronavirus, La Liga had to play in a completely unoccupied gallery last season.

In the process of returning spectators this season, about 30,000 spectators have been allowed to enter the field at Barcelona’s ground Nou Camp.

But Barcelona is not able to sell even half of those tickets.

It is known that Barcelona will be able to sell 29,603 tickets for the match against Real Sociedad.

But only 15,720 people have expressed interest in watching the match till Friday.

In other words, about 14,000 tickets are still unsold. The media is looking at the reason for Messi’s departure.

The last match was played in front of the spectators of Barcelona on 6 March 2020 against Sociedad.

The Catalans won on a penalty late in the Lionel Messi.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi | Reuters

Barcelona Match coach told, Messi to forget

Barcelona’s fans are disappointed that Lionel Messi has left Barcelona for PSG. Barcha coach Ronald Koeman has urged fans to forget about Messi and look to the front.

In an interview, Koeman said any footballer has a day off. Messi is gone, we should not think about it now. Now we have to focus on the front.

“We have new footballers in our team and we have to move forward with them,” he added. We have time for this. Young footballers have joined the team this season.

I am working on the future of the club. You should think about the club without focusing on what has happened in the last few days.

Messi has won a record 35 titles in the Spanish club’s jersey. He is the record scorer in the history of the club with 682 goals for Barcelona.

The Argentine forward is also the top scorer in La Liga. There are many more records next to his name.

Koeman said, “Of course we will have a much harder time scoring goals” . Messi scored 30 goals last season, so others need to score more.

The next step is to go and now think of the team rather than the individual players. Barcelona Match

Messi warned former teammate

Lionel Messi has recently joined French club Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). He has already taken part in press conferences and rehearsals for the club.

Messi has shown that the reason for choosing PSG after Barcelona is the attraction of the friends in the club. He said that Neymar, De Maria and Paredes have come to PSG.

However, Messi’s longtime friend and former teammate Cesc Fabregas has warned him that Messi’s game in France will be difficult.

In a recent interview, Fabregas said that all the players here are excited to know that Messi will play in the French league. Young people face to play against Messi. Barcelona Match

The team I play for is Monaco, the team has a lot of young talent. Messi’s arrival will be a great test for them. When faced with the best players, they will try to give their best. We have to think about everything except Messi.

He adds, everyone thinks it (League One) is a one-team league. But in the last five years Monaco and Lille have shown but it has broken down.

It’s not as easy as people think. There are many competitive aggressive teams here. Who have fast young players. So it will not be easy for the former Barcha captain to play in France. Barcelona Match