Bangladesh Cyber Security has advanced 25 steps

Bangladesh Cyber Security index has advanced 25 steps. Bangladesh is now ranked 53rd in the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Cyber Security Index-2020.

The Global Cyber Security Index-2020 was released on Tuesday (29 June 2021).

Bangladesh Cyber Security index is based on the legal measures taken in 194 countries on cyber security, technical expertise, organizational arrangements, capacity building and mutual cooperation.

In this, out of 100 points, Bangladesh got 81.27 score and came up in 53rd place. Last year, Bangladesh was ranked 78 in the index.

Bangladesh Cyber Security

According to the published index, several countries like Bangladesh, Benin, Rwanda and Tanzania have come forward. Those who have shown strong cybersecurity promising position.

According to the index published on the ITU website, the United States is in the first position with 100 points.

The United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia are in the second position with 99.54 points and Estonia is in the third position with 99.48 points.

Bangladesh ranks 11th in the Asia-Pacific region. With a score of 98.52, Korea and Singapore are in the first position in this region. Malaysia and Japan are in second and third place respectively. India is in the 4th position. Pakistan ranks 14th.