Ambulance Service In Dhaka City With Contact Number 2020

Today we tell you Ambulance Service In Dhaka City With Contact Number.  Ambulance Service is the most important issue in our life. Anyone may need an ambulance service at any time. So keep all the necessary numbers near your hand.

An ambulance is used to transport a sick person from one place to another. Usually, with the help of ambulances, people go to the hospital for emergency care. Special equipment is stored in the ambulance. Which plays a vital role in keeping the person or patient alive.

Special emergency numbers are provided to call ambulances in developed countries. This ensures rapid patient care assurance. However, the emergency number may vary from country to country.

999 in Bangladesh, 999 in the UK; In the US 911; In Europe, 112 is a special emergency number called for an ambulance. Besides the government of Bangladesh, many institutions provide ambulance facilities.

Ambulance Service In Dhaka City With Contact Number

Here you will find the emergency ambulance number of all hospitals of Dhaka City. You can get the ambulance facility by calling these numbers for any need.

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Why is the word ‘ambulance’ written in reverse in English?

In front of almost all the ambulances the word ‘ambulance’ is written in reverse. Why do you know the word ‘ambulance’ is written in reverse? Is it just a style, or is there a special reason behind it! Let’s find out …

When we look at something in the mirror, we look at it horizontally upside down. Similarly, the word ‘ambulance’, which is in reverse in English in front of the ambulance, can be correctly seen in the looking glass of the front car.

As a result, the word ‘ambulance’ can be easily seen by looking at the looking glass. This is why the word ‘ambulance’ is written in reverse in English in front of any ambulance.

Dhaka City School & College List & Contact Number

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