28 Train Schedule Change from 10 January 2020- Full list

Here is your 28 Train Schedule Change Full list. Yes, friends! At the beginning of the new year, the schedule of the Western Railway inter-city train is changing.

The schedule of 28 trains operating on its various routes has been changed. Besides, the Off days of the 16 trains are also changing.

train schedule changed

The new schedule will be effective from 10 January 2020.

According to the new schedule, the Off days of Ekota Express and Drutajan Express were canceled. From now on, these two trains will travel daily to Dhaka to Panchagarh.

Train Schedule Change

The schedule for the new announcement has been changed to 28 trains. Now I will tell you this trains new schedule. Here is your all information by the table.

705Ekota ExpressDhaka10:10 AMDinajpur09:00 PM
706Ekota ExpressDinajpur09:10 PMDhaka08:10 AM
713Korotoa ExpressSantahar09:15 AMBurimari03:35 PM
714Korotoa Express Burimari04:00 PMSantahar10:20 PM
715Kapotaksha ExpressKhulna06:15 AMRajshahi12:00 PM
716Kapotaksha ExpressRajshahi02:15 PMKhulna08:10 PM
725Sundarban ExpressKhulna10:15 PMDhaka07:00 AM
726Sundarban ExpressDhaka08:15 AMKhulna05:40 PM
727Rupsha ExpressKhulna07:10 AMChilahati04:40 PM
728Rupsha ExpressChilahati08:30 AMKhulna06:30 PM
731Borendro ExpressRajshahi03:00 PMChilahati09:25 PM
732Borendro ExpressChilahati05:50 AMRajshahi 12:20 PM
733Titumir ExpressRajshahi06:20 AMChilahati01:00 PM
734Titumir ExpressChilahati02:20 PMRajshahi 09:00 PM
747Simanta ExpressKhulna09:15 PMChilahati06:20 AM
748Simanta ExpressChilahati06:45 PMKhulna 04:10 AM
751Lalmoni ExpressDhaka09:45 PMLalmonirhat07:20 AM
752Lalmoni ExpressLalmonirhat 10:20 AMDhaka07:55 PM
753Silk City ExpressDhaka02:45 PMRajshahi08:35 PM
754Silk City Express Rajshahi 07:40 AMDhaka01:30 PM
755Modhumoti ExpressGoyalondoghat03:00 PMRajshahi08:20 PM
756Modhumoti ExpressRajshahi 08:00 AMGoyalondoghat01:15 AM
757Drutojan ExpressDhaka08:00 PMDinajpur06:10 AM
758Drutojan Express Dinajpur 08:10 AMDhaka06:55 PM
759Padma ExpressDhaka11:00 PMRajshahi04:30 AM
760Padma Express Rajshahi 04:00 PMDhaka09:40 PM
761Sagordari ExpressKhulna04:00 PMRajshahi10:00 PM
762Sagordari ExpressRajshahi06:40 AMKhulna12:10 PM
763Chitra ExpressKhulna09:00 AMDhaka05:55 PM
764Chitra ExpressDhaka07:00 PMKhulna03:40 AM
765Nilsagor ExpressDhaka06:40 AMChilahati04:00 PM
766Nilsagor ExpressChilahati08:00 PMDhaka05:30 PM
767Dolonchapa ExpressSantahar01:20 PMDinajpur08:10 PM
768Dolonchapa Express Dinajpur 06:05 AMSantahar 12:25 PM
769Dhumketu expressDhaka06:00 AMRajshahi11:40 AM
770Dhumketu expressRajshahi11:20 PMDhaka04:45 AM
771Rangpur ExpressDhaka09:10 AMRangpur07:05 PM
772Rangpur Express Rangpur 08:10 PMDhaka06:10 AM
775Sirajganj ExpressSirajganj06:00 AMDhaka10:20 AM
776Sirajganj ExpressDhaka05:00 PMSirajganj09:30 PM
779Pabna ExpressDhalarchor07:25 AMRajshahi11:10 AM
780Pabna ExpressRajshahi04:30 PMDhalarchor08:15 PM
783Tungipara ExpressGobra06:30 AMRajshahi01:10 PM
784Tungipara ExpressRajshahi03:30 PMGobra10:25 PM
791Banalata ExpressDhaka01:30 PMChapainawabganj07:30 PM
792Banalata ExpressChapainawabganj06:00 AMDhaka11:30 AM
793Panchagarh ExpressDhaka10:45 PMPanchagarh08:50 AM
794Panchagarh ExpressPanchagarh12:30 PMDhaka09:55 PM
795Benapole ExpressBenapole12:45 PMDhaka08:40 PM
796Benapole ExpressDhaka11:15 PMBenapole08:20 AM
797Kurigram ExpressDhaka08:45 PMKurigram06:15 AM
798Kurigram ExpressKurigram07:15 AMDhaka05:25 PM
Maitree expressDhaka08:15 AMKolkata04:00 PM
Maitree expressKolkata07:10 AMDhaka04:06 PM
3129Bandhan expressKolkata07:10 AMKhulna12:30 PM
3130Bandhan express Khulna01:30 PMKolkata06:10 PM

Train Schedule Change: New Off day

There are 12 trains that changed there off day. Some trains canceled there Off day & some trains changed. Here is your full list by the table.

705/706Ekota ExpressDhaka to DinajpurNo
715/716Kapotaksha ExpressRajshahi to KhulnaTues
747/748Simanta ExpressChilahati to KhulnaMon
757/758Drutojan ExpressDhaka to PanchagarhNo
767/768Dolonchapa ExpressSantahar to DinajpurSun
769Dhumketu ExpressDhaka to RajshahiThu
770Dhumketu Express Rajshahi to DhakaWed
779/780Pabna ExpressRajshahi to PabnaMon
783Tungipara ExpressGopalganj to RajshahiTue
784Tungipara ExpressRajshahi to GopalganjMon
791/792Banalata ExpressDhaka to ChapainawabganjFri
795/796Benapole ExpressDhaka to BenapoleWed
797/798Kurigram ExpressDhaka to KurigramWed
 Chapainawabganj Satal 3-4Rajshahi to ChapainawabganjWed
 Dhalarchor Satal 1 & 2Ishwardi to DhalarchorMon
 Tangail CommuterDhaka to TangailFri
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